Year One

Year One |

How has it already been one year? It feels like just the other day Isaac was taking me out for our first date, and now here we are, celebrating our first year of marriage. This has been the most incredible, rewarding and trying year of my life. Living with someone is already so different, but add on figuring out marriage and being real life adults for the first time, and it’s even crazier. Even though there have been ups and downs, I wouldn’t change this year for the world. God has taught us so much about patience, unconditional love, forgiveness and grace. People say the first year is always the hardest, and if that’s true, I can’t wait to see what the next 60 years hold!
I love you to the moon and back, Isaac.

So to reflect on Year One, Isaac and I decided to write down 10 things we’ve learned about each other since we got married.

Things We Learned in Year One


  1. Isaac still thinks my jokes are hilarious. He’ll laugh even if they aren’t funny. #thatswhyIkeephimaround
  2. Isaac has become a master meal prepper! He preps his lunch almost every week.
  3. If Isaac could live off of one drink for the rest of his life, it would be sweet tea. He drinks way more than I thought he did.
  4. When Isaac watches a funny show, he slaps everything in sight- his leg, the couch, my arm and even the coffee table.
  5. Isaac loves Lillie more than almost anything in the world. He calls her his “sweet girl”.
  6. He has perfected the art of turning his alarm off in his sleep.
  7. Put a bag of chips and a bowl of salsa in front of Isaac, and it will be gone within an hour.
  8. Isaac loves trying different types of food. His criteria for a good restaurant are sketchy on the outside and dirty on the inside.
  9. He watches YouTube. All. The. Time.
  10. Isaac has a collection of dirty clothes on his side of the bed that he thinks I don’t know about.


  1. Becca has a very low tolerance for eating noises. Smacking, crunching, scraping, slurping…
  2. She takes personal offense when I fart on Lillie.
  3. A slightly cluttered room stresses Becca out big time. She needs everything to be picked up and clean.
  4. Becca watches Netflix. All. The. Time.
  5. Healthy food tastes good when she makes it. I never thought I’d like quinoa until she made some for me.
  6. I have to wait for her to Instagram our meals before I’m allowed to eat them.
  7. For Becca, #blogislife.
  8. Wearing deodorant is no longer optional ever since I married Becca.
  9. Based on her teaching stories, I would have been her least favorite student in 3rd grade
  10. “Morning person” for Becca means 4:30 AM. Not quite what I had thought when she said she liked getting up early. 

As you can tell, we learned a lot about each other, and loved every second of it. There’s just something so special about sharing every little bit of you with the person you love the most. I love being married and I can’t wait to grow old with Isaac.

To celebrate our anniversary, we decided to go on a trip to Florida! Today is our first day here, and if you’ve been following us on Instagram or Snapchat, you have seen all the fun we’ve been having. Make sure to follow us so you don’t miss out. #FOMO is the worst, y’all! 

Wedding Highlights!

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Year One |

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  1. Bri says:

    This is the sweetest thing ever! Happy anniversary!

  2. Ashley Stephenson says:

    Happy Anniversary!! We will be married 8 months tomorrow! It is crazy how fast time goes by and how much you learn in the first year! We are learning something new everyday. For example, I just mastered how much peanut butter he likes on his sandwiches!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Happy anniversary! HOLY HELL, your hubby’s answers are cracking me the hell up, LOLOLOL!! Also I’m totally the same with chips/salsa. They stand no chance when they are placed in front of me. Congrats on learning so much about each other and here’s for all the happy years to come <3

  4. I love those lists!!! #10 on yours cracked me up and #3 on his is me to a ‘T’. No clutter, it drives me crazy and the fact that it drives me crazy drives my husband crazy hahaha

  5. A huge congrats on your anniversary! I’m coming up to 4 years and I cannot believe how fast those years went by. Enjoy!

  6. Katie Arnold says:

    Hahaha I love all the things you guys learned. “He has a pile of clothes on his side he thinks I don’t know about.” BUSTED! ;)

  7. Your dress was SO PRETTY!!!!! Happy Anniversary, and it definitely sounds like you’ll love each other for years to come.

  8. Allie says:

    Happy anniversary! I loved reading what you both learned in the past year. Our anniversary is right around the corner. I may have to borrow this idea because it made for such a fun post. Hope you guys had a wonderful time celebrating your special day!

  9. Happy anniversary! I loved reading through your lists of what you learned about each other. :) That was such a cool idea!

  10. Cat Lin says:

    awwww happy anniversary! Love how you both kept track of what you learned about each other and the relationship!

  11. Such a sweet post! Happy Anniversary! It’s amazing what you learn about each other over the years!

  12. Kim Munoz says:

    I love everything about this post! Marriage is amazing right?! And you were a beautiful bride. Here is to a lifetime more of love and happiness!

  13. Aww thanks Erica! We had a lot of fun making the lists and it was a great way to reflect on everything we’ve learned and been through this past year.

  14. you are so blond here! I love the headpiece! beautiful!

    • Haha yes! I had lots of highlights for the wedding. And thank you- that was one of my favorite details about the wedding. Mine and my dad’s song since I was a baby was “Butterfly Kisses” and in the song the girl wears little white flowers in her hair on her wedding day, so I did the same. <3

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