Week 28 Bumpdate | June Elizabeth

Helloooo third trimester!! 

Week 28 Bumpdate | June Elizabeth | read more at happilythehicks.com

Holy moly how does time work? At one moment it feels like the days are flying  by and then at other times minutes feel like hours. Regardless, I’m in shock that we’re already at the third trimester. Lately our days have been filled with hanging out in the backyard, going on walks around the neighborhood, Zoom calls with family, lots of embroidery and lots of Disney+. In this weird life situation we’re all in, some days we have thrived, and other days we’ve all crashed the minute James went down for the night. I’ve learned to just take every day at a time, enjoy these last few months with just James and Isaac (and Lillie), and trust that the Lord is in control. 

I’ve been a lot more content the past four weeks, and I am so thankful for that! My embroidery business has stayed busy, I have lots of crafts and projects to work on, and James has been growing and changing so much lately that I haven’t let myself stop and think about the “if onlys” as much as before. I miss my photography business and I’m ready to be able to get back into it, but I’ve also really enjoyed my time at home. 

The highlight from the past month was going to the park and making a self-portrait maternity video to celebrate this season of life. I loved being able to enjoy the beautiful weather and play around with videography while making memories with my little family. 

Week 28 Bumpdate | June Elizabeth

How far along?
28 weeks and 3 days

How big is June?
June is almost 16 inches tall, about the size of a coconut

Must-have items
I’ve pretty much switched from maternity leggings to shorts this month! Summer is just around the corner, and this pregnant girl can tell. Other than that, nothing new! 

Honestly no real cravings. I do love sweets though – eek! 

Junie girl has been kicking, rolling and moving like crazy. She especially loves to have a little dance party when I lay down to go to sleep, which is equally fun and slightly annoying. I’m starting to feel some aches in my hips as things continue to stretch, and am easily out of breath, but overall I feel great right now! 

I’m still working out about four times a week via Zoom with my Bar Method Studio and trying to get out on daily walks around the neighborhood, which usually ends up being about 4-5 times a week. And I know it’s not technically exercise, but I have been trying to hang out outside with James more to soak in some sunshine and fresh air! 

High moment of the month
It’s a tie between getting to make the maternity video celebrating little June and my birthday last week! It was honestly one of the best birthdays yet, and I felt so loved by all the family and friends who reached out and brought by gifts. What a special day! 

Week 28 Bumpdate | June Elizabeth | read more at happilythehicks.com

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