Week 20 Bumpdate!

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Ahhh y’all. I CANNOT believe that I’m actually HERE writing my 20 week bumpdate. Halfway through the pregnancy. Halfway there to meeting our sweet little man. And 20 weeks away from getting to kiss those cute little cheeks and hold that tiny precious body that I have been growing for months and months. I swear time seems to be flying by so fast (thank goodness!) and I hope it keeps flying by in the second half. Because let’s be real. I’m SO EXCITED to finally meet our little James Richard. 

Even though this pregnancy has been the hardest time of my life emotionally, thankfully everything else has been such smooth sailing. I see it as the Lord giving me some grace in such a difficult time, and am so thankful that I’ve been healthy thus far! And y’all… I’m really starting to feel pregnant now. I’ve officially felt James’s first kicks, have a very obvious baby bump (I don’t look like I ate too much at dinner anymore!) and can no longer bend at my waist the way I used to.

Even though some of the body changes have been hard (like realizing only one pair of my shorts still fit around my thighs), I have loved watching my body transform into a vessel to bring my child into this world. It still blows my mind that I am giving life to a baby, and that God chose me and Isaac to be his parents. How utterly amazing and humbling that is!!
Also shout out to my sweet friends who take me on shopping trips to get new clothes and help me feel better about and embrace all these changes. I am so thankful for y’all! 

This evening we’re going in for our 20 week anatomy scan and I can’t wait to see our little baby again. Please keep us in your prayers, since this is such a big appointment! We’re of course praying for a healthy baby that’s developing correctly, but know that ultimately it’s all in the Lord’s hands.

Now without further ado…

20 Week Bumpdate!

How far along?
20 weeks today!  

How big is James?
James is about 10 inches tall, the size of an endive, and weighs about 10 ½ ounces.

Must-have items
Maternity everything, ha! But for real… I’m totally rocking my maternity jeans and will be shopping today for some shorts I can wear now that the weather is quickly warming up. I’ve also moved on to maternity leggings for my barre workouts, and don’t know I ever lived without them. ; ) I’m of the camp that says “buy now to enjoy longer” and believe if you’re going to invest in some maternity pieces you might as well buy them sooner rather than later to get your money’s worth. #yolo

Some other must have items: Nangai oil for stretch marks (cuz yes, I’ve got those now too!), the calendar on my phone because I’ve got pregnancy brain like cr-a-zy, and the book I’m reading right now called “Missional Motherhood” by Gloria Furman (< affiliate link). 

Still craving oranges (and more recently orange juice, which I used to hate!) and pizza. Although, thankfully, the pizza cravings have lessened! 

I’m definitely showing and still tired. Some days are better than others, but I basically crash the moment I get home from work. (Sorry laundry that’s still not folded!!) I also have a lot of pressure in the pelvic area from the growing baby, and it’s hard to sit up in bed sometimes! My hair is looking and feeling amazing now too, and I can tell it’s gotten thicker recently. I could get used to this, for sure! I’m also feeling James kicking and moving around more, which is so cool. I love feeling those little kicks when I’m laying in bed. 

Sooo running is kinda non-existent (whomp whomp) but I am doing a 5K in April that I plan on jogging/walking as needed! I’m absolutely LOVING my barre classes, and can tell how much they are helping me in this pregnancy already. I’m going 3 times a week and am so proud of myself for being consistent in my workouts! 

High moment of the week
Earlier this week I was in the recliner dozing off when Isaac came home from work. He said hi and kissed me, and as he walked away I felt James start kicking. Y’all it was the sweetest thing ever! He hadn’t moved at all the entire day until he heard his Daddy’s voice. And I know it made Isaac’s day too. <3

Check in later on Instagram to see how the appointment went tonight!

Now it’s your turn to talk! Answer one of these questions in the comments below:
When did you first feel your baby’s kicks?
Do you have any second trimester “must haves” to share with me?

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