Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H3

I still can’t believe we’re officially halfway through this pregnancy! While some moments seemed to drag, by golly the rest has just flown by. I know a lot of that has to do with keeping up with two kids and being so busy with work. And now that I’m feeling better and more like myself again, I’ve really begun to enjoy this pregnancy and am getting excited about the sweet little baby who’s joining the family this summer.

Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H3 | read more at happilythehicks.com

James and June continue to be more interested in the baby, and are already smothering it in love. We had the anatomy scan yesterday, and James gasped when he saw the baby. He had fun guessing the body parts, and proudly carried the pictures of his baby sibling around the rest of the day. While Junie was thoroughly unimpressed, she definitely loves slapping my belly and giving it hugs and kisses. So I call that a win!

Last weekend we visited my brother down in Aransas Pass, and I took the opportunity to snap some 20 week bump pictures. It’s so crazy how quickly my belly has popped with this pregnancy (I told my chiropractor I partly blame him because of all his adjustments lol)! But I’m definitely loving that little bump and am trying to enjoy it as much as I can before it gets to be more uncomfortable than cute. ;)

Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H3 | read more at happilythehicks.comWeek 20 Bumpdate | Baby H3 | read more at happilythehicks.com


How far along?
21 weeks yesterday!

How big is the baby?
The baby is the size of a banana (10 inches long) and about 1 lb based on the anatomy scan measurements.

Must-have items
I’m pretty much in only maternity pants (*ahem* leggings) and either super loose and flowy tops or tight ones to show off that bump. It all just depends on how I’m feeling that day lol. I’ve had to focus more on drinking water, so my Hydroflasks are always nearby. I’m a sucker for cold water! And, of course, I can’t sleep without my maternity pillow. It even made it to a hotel room for a girl’s night with some of my besties and on our 6hr car ride to the coast. Mama needs her sleep!

I craved (specifically) cold pears for a couple of weeks, but now that is pretty much gone. Most of my aversions are gone, but some smells are still off, which I’m blaming on c-vd. Garlic can linger in my mouth for a long time, so I still try to limit how much I eat, but it’s been nice to not worry as much about what is in the food I’m about to consume. Alsoooo I can eat pizza again – praise! My goal for the rest of the pregnancy is to eat better, especially now that I’m feeling more normal again. So here’s to more fruits and veggies and less cookies and empty carbs.

While the fatigue is still there, I can definitely tell it’s improving. All my bloodwork has come back normal, which is a relief. I’m not needing a nap every day and it’s nice to be able to get things done like I used to! And (thank the Lord) my acid reflux and heartburn are soooo much better. I still have moments in the evenings when it really bothers me, but it’s nothing like it was at the beginning of the pregnancy. The round ligament pain, slight waddle when I need to use the restroom (iykyk), itchy belly from stretching skin and trouble catching my breath have begun, but goodness I’ll take these “aches” over what I had in the first trimester anyyyy day.

I am 100% a fair weather walker, so I finally have had more motivation to get out of the house for exercise. I’ve also tried to find time in my schedule to go to Bar Method 2-3 times a week, and I love it so much! I’ve missed the exercise, and have really tried to remind my body how much it loves to move and be active. Hopefully the second half of this pregnancy goes a little smoother than the first one.

High moment of the month
Definitely the anatomy scan. I’ll never get over how amazing it is to see that little life that’s growing inside of me. And I’ve LOVED watching James understand more of what’s going on. It makes my mama heart swell! Alsooo we’re officially officially waiting to find out the gender until the baby is born! I knew the last “hurdle” would be making it through the scan without caving and we did it. Eeek!

Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H3 | read more at happilythehicks.comWeek 20 Bumpdate | Baby H3 | read more at happilythehicks.com Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H3 | read more at happilythehicks.comWeek 20 Bumpdate | Baby H3 | read more at happilythehicks.com

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