Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H2

Y’all. We’re halfway there! *cue the confetti*

Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H2 | read more at happilythehicks.com

I can’t believe I’m already at 20 weeks. It has seriously flown by and I keep praying the second half of the pregnancy goes by just as quickly as the first! It’s weird though… At some moments I feel like I’ve been pregnant for ages, and at others I can’t believe my little baby is so close to joining the world. I guess that’s what life as a small business owner and stay at home mom does to you! 

Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H2 | read more at happilythehicks.com

The past month has been a whirlwind. I definitely felt like the end of February would never get here, because I was anxiously awaiting our anatomy scan. It’s the only official ultrasound we’ll have and I couldn’t wait to see our little baby. And lemme tell ya, seeing your cute squish moving around in there never gets old. I felt just as giddy and excited with this one as I did with James’s, and now I’m even more excited for July to hurry up and get here. ;) 

Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H2 | read more at happilythehicks.com

And, I know many have been wondering and making predictions, but we DID find out the gender! I actually did a SneakPeek test at 8 1/2 weeks but waited to confirm the gender at the scan just to make sure the results were correct. And guess what? They were! (I’ll do a post soon reviewing the SneakPeek test so stay tuned)

We have a sweet baby GIRL joining our family, and we are all beyond thrilled and oh so in love. Isaac is already the sweetest girl dad, and I love that James will have a baby sister to protect and love on. Gosh my heart is melting already. 

Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H2 | read more at happilythehicks.com

We named her June Elizabeth – June because I thought it was cute, and Elizabeth after my mom’s middle name. We love using family names for our kiddos, and I can’t wait for her to meet the amazing woman she is named after.

We decided on the name over a stack of baby books and chocolate cake at Barnes and Noble when I was only 10 weeks pregnant. We were wanting to tell our families the gender and name at Christmas, and so we decided to make a date out of picking it out. We both wanted Elizabeth as the middle name, but struggled on the first name. Neither of us wanted something that was complicated to spell or was super popular, so that narrowed down our search a ton. I had been dead set on Joy since I was pregnant with James, but the more I said it the more I felt like it didn’t fit. My other favorite was June, but I didn’t think Isaac would ever go for it. After reading through about four different baby name books, he finally caved and we never looked back. Now it’s so fun to tell everyone her name, and I feel like the simplicity and timelessness of it is so perfect. 

June Elizabeth, we love you to the moon and back! 

Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H2 | read more at happilythehicks.com

Week 20 Bumpdate

How far along?
20 weeks and 2 days

How big is June?
June is the size of a paper airplane and measuring around 11 oz

Must-have items
Nothing super new this month… just the same ole maternity leggings and tanks, and my beloved pregnancy pillow! I’ve also been trying to do better about my water intake (the random Braxton-Hicks contractions have already started when I’m dehydrated), so I don’t go anywhere without my 32 oz Hydro Flask

Ehh just sweet stuff! I could definitely eat better (those carbs call my name at all times of the day), but honestly instead of cravings, I just want food haha. 

The fatigue is finally ebbing away and I definitely have more energy throughout the day. Evenings are the hardest, when my body is just TIRED and it takes so much energy to just get up and do simple things. Thankfully Isaac is a saint and takes such good care of me and James when I’m feeling like that. 
Also I feel like this is way too early to be happening (I’m just gonna blame it on being my second pregnancy) but already I’m noticing that I need to use the restroom when I stand up after sitting for a while. #prayforme
My favorite symptom lately has been all the kicks and movements I’ve been feeling. I have a posterior placenta, so I feel SO much more than when I was pregnant with James and had an anterior placenta. I can’t help but smile every time June moves around – it’s seriously the sweetest feeling! 

I’m sticking to around 4 days a week at The Bar Method, and have begun walking a couple times a week when the weather is nice. Thankfully it looks like spring has arrived, so I plan on walking as much as possible to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air with James! 

High moment of the week
Seeing baby June for the first time. Gosh we love her so much already! 

Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H2 | read more at happilythehicks.comWeek 20 Bumpdate | Baby H2 | read more at happilythehicks.com

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Week 20 Bumpdate | Baby H2 | read more at happilythehicks.comWeek 20 Bumpdate | Baby H2 | read more at happilythehicks.comWeek 20 Bumpdate | Baby H2 | read more at happilythehicks.com

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