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In case you missed my Instagram post last week, I have some EXCITING news to share with y’all today…

Week 11 Bumpdate |

Our little family of two is becoming a family of three!! 

I have been wanting to spill the beans SO many times in the past couple of months, and still can’t believe we were able to keep it a secret from almost everyone for so long. Don’t get me wrong… I was totally the girl who texted my best friends the day I found out, but other than that we were able to keep the secret under wraps, which is a pretty big feat in my book. ;) It was fun having a little secret to whisper about with my friends and my team at work, but it’s so wonderful not having to worry about who hears the news. And now I get to share it here, and you betta believe I’ll be posting occasional “bumpdates” along the way. Yes, I’m #thatmom. 

But first things first, I thought I’d answer a few questions I’ve gotten since we announced last week. 

How do you feel?
To be honest, I feel great. I haven’t gotten sick yet, other than some random bouts of intense nausea, but have felt pretty tired recently. My energy is coming back, though, and I’m enjoying the occasional jog again and going to a local barre class a few times a week. I’m so thankful it’s been a good experience so far, and I hope this keeps up! 

How did you tell your family?
I bought a clear ornament from Hobby Lobby that has two half cylinders that fit together so you can fill it with whatever you want. I bought some little baby booties and tinsel and put those inside the ornament. It was super simple, but obviously got the point across. ;) We wrapped it up like every other present, so our parents had no idea what was inside until they unwrapped the tissue paper! 

Ornament Pregnancy Announcement |

Did your dad know?
Yes he did, and so did my grandpa!
We told our families at Christmas, and the day my grandpa had his stroke he was able to find out we was going to be a great-grandpa for the third time. Y’all… His reaction is forever engrained in my mind. I turned to look at him and he had the BIGGEST smile on his face, with tears streaming down his cheeks. He looked at me and said “That is just so wonderful Rebecca”. I have never seen him so happy before, and I love knowing that he took that amazing news with him when he passed. 
As for my dad… Well we got his reaction in video. He was his goofy self, as always, but I know he was thrilled to know he was a grandpa. He’ll never hear his grandkids call him “Pops” but you better believe they’ll know all about the great man he was! My favorite part of his reaction was after the video ended he looked at the ornament I had made and said “But… these aren’t going to fit me!”. Always the jokester!
Later that week I was sharing my daily baby update with him and asked him what color eyes he thinks the baby will have. He just blinked his eyes back at me, and Mom said “Blue like yours?” He winked back. I pray our baby has his eyes! 

Will you find out the gender?
Oh yes we will. I’m DYING to know what the baby is, partly because I want to start thinking about decorating the nursery, but also because I can’t wait to call our baby by name. As much as I’ve loved talking about and praying for “Baby H”, I can’t wait to be able to specifically pray for our sweet kiddo by name. I have to wait a couple more months to get a sonogram, but don’t worry… I’ll announce here as soon as I know! 

When is the baby due?
The due date is August 17th! It’s gonna be a FUN summer, that’s for sure. ;)

Now for all the info you’ll get with all my future bumpdates…

Week 11 Bumpdate

How far along?
11 weeks today! I love that my weeks “start” on Fridays because they make the end of the work week even more special. I get a notification on my phone and get to read all about how big the baby is and what changes are going on that week. Since this is my first, I find it so exciting to see what new developments are happening. 

How big is Baby H?
The baby is 1 1/2 inches long and the size of a fig!

Must-have items
I haven’t needed a lot, but I’m loving my LuLaRoe leggings and skirts! And I caved and bought a Snoogle pillow the other day because I’ve had so much trouble getting to sleep at night. The first night was rough, but since then I’ve slept so much better! 

I only have random “cravings” where I need that food now and nothing else sounds good! So far that’s happened with Texas Roadhouse rolls and my favorite PB&J sandwiches. Now that my nausea has subsided, I can finally enjoy eating healthy foods again, and I’m hoping to keep it up as long as I can. 

I’m either bloated beyond all get out or starting to show. My jeans don’t button anymore (not that I ever wore them before…), and you can see a little bump poking out in certain outfits. So yes, I feel huge. Other than a little tired, I feel great, and looking forward to entering the second trimester. 

Now that I’m not as short of breath as I was at the beginning of my pregnancy (which was my first sign that something was “off”), I’m able to get into running again! I’ve done a couple of miles with Isaac and love that he’ll slow down and alter his half marathon training course so I can join in at the beginning of his runs. I’m also going to Bar Method about 2-3 times a week and loving it! It feels so good to be active again. 

High moment of the week
Last week my sweet partner teacher gave us her entire nursery set since she and her husband are finished having kids. I love being able to sit in our spare room/office/nursery and see how loved our baby is already. Everyone has been so kind to us lately, and I am blown away with generosity they have shown us the past few months. The Lord has provided again and again, and I can’t help but be so thankful for all He has given us! We are so blessed. <3

Week 11 Bumpdate |

Now it’s your turn to talk! Answer one of these questions in the comments below:
What do you think about the bumpdates? How often should I post?
If you’ve been pregnant, what is the craziest craving you’ve ever had?

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  1. Sandy says:

    Congratulations! How exciting! My craziest craving when pregnant was coke slurped/slushes! I couldn’t get enough of them!

  2. Paula says:

    Congratulations- that is SO exciting! And keep the updates coming. They’re so fun to read!

  3. Amanda Kanashiro says:

    Congratulations! I loved the reveal video. Take care of yourself, i.e. take lots of naps!

    • I love that video too! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it. I am SO thankful I have such a special memory to look back on in years to come. And girl… I’ve been napping like a pro! ???? They are what get me through the day!

  4. Valerie Heard says:

    Post every time you feel you need to! Even if it’s small! I craved sleep or peanut butter everything!!! Enjoy every moment!

    • I’ve been craving peanut butter too!! I have it at least twice a day. That and cheese hahah! I am loving every second of this pregnancy (even the sore abs I’ve developed recently…) and can’t wait to meet our sweet baby soon. <3

  5. omg omg! congrats! how exciting! take care of your self and your baby! eat whatever you want and sleep as much as you can <3

  6. Thanks Lauren! We are SO excited!

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