Viajando por Viña y Valparaiso

Yesterday I enjoyed a much-needed break from Santiago! As much as I love the city, the smog, traffic and simple hugeness of it can get overwhelming and tiring sometimes. That’s one of the reasons I like going to Los Andes on the weekends, but even then it’s fun to go somewhere new! Sarah, Cami (my best friend from church) and I really enjoyed the cool breezes, smell of the ocean and different atmosphere Viña and Valparaiso have. I can definitely seeing myself living here someday! The cities, which are right next to each other, are built on hills that lead to the ocean, so the layout is very different from other cities I’ve been to. I used to love going there when I was little with my family, and I felt those same feelings come back yesterday! Even though it was foggy and the sun didn’t shine, I thought it was beautiful!


We went to a lookout to take some pictures of the ocean. IMG_5949 IMG_5969 IMG_5986 We ate lunch at this restaurant. The food was so so, but I loved that we had a clear view of the ocean during our meal! IMG_5996 To get to the apartments, these tenants have to go up these elevators! I’ve never seen that before. IMG_5998

We had a blast taking pictures at the lookout and on the beach! IMG_5957edit IMG_6009edit IMG_6020 IMG_6033 IMG_6036

We were so upset that there were people working on the flower clock, ruining the picture! But it’s still very impressive… The clock really works and the flowers are beautiful! IMG_6047


We then went to Valparaiso and found some of the touristy places to enjoy! I loved the colors of the boats at the dock! IMG_6051 IMG_6058 The houses at Valparaiso are all painted different colors. They call this Cerro Alegre (Joyful Hill), because of the bright vibrant colors. If the fog hadn’t been so bad, the colors would have popped even more. As it is, I still think it looks cool! IMG_6075 We took a funicular up one of the hills to take some pictures and then had some coffee and chocolate cake at a super fancy restaurant up there. The view was spectacular! IMG_6084 IMG_6087 Here’s us going down the funicular. I though we were going to die- it was so old and rickety! IMG_6090

It was, like I said before, such a fun day! I’m glad we were able to do it before I head back to the States next week.


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