Valentine’s Weekend

vday collageThis year was the fifth Valentine’s Day I have celebrated with Isaac, and I have to say it was by far my favorite. It’s not because we did anything super special or because we spent beau-coups of money on our date, but I think it was simply because as we have grown closer together over the years, the time we spend together is cherished all the more. Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but I think time together does too. I can’t wait to be able to spend every day, lazy or not, with him!

For our Valentine’s date, Isaac and I decided to go on another chocolate tour of Dallas. We went on a fun Saturday afternoon tour last year, so to change things up, we decided to try the Friday evening one this year! I really liked it because we didn’t just sample different chocolates, but we also got pizza and ended the night at a Cajun Jazz restaurant. The tour was four and a half hours long, ending at a whopping 10 PM (which we decided may not be the best choice for the future because I was TIRED by the end of it all!! Friday evening after a long week of school is not the best time for me to be out on the town haha). Regardless, we had a lot of fun, ate a LOT of food, tried some delicious chocolate and enjoyed the time spent together.

The next morning, after a wonderful eight hours of sleep, we got up, put on our running gear and headed to a huge running/biking/walking park in north Arlington. We ended up running four miles! I hope to go back there again when the weather is nice and explore the other paths. Also, the weather on Saturday was GORGEOUS and we both enjoyed the spring like weather. I mean, when it’s 75 in the middle of February, you take it and enjoy it. Especially when two days later is freezing and raining again. North Texas weather… gotta love it, right?Capture

After our run, we bought some ingredients for brunch and headed to his apartment to cook it together. I think this was my favorite part of the whole weekend because we got to work side by side in the kitchen, laughing and being goofy. And brunch was pretty darn good too! I made some oatmeal pancakes (by “made” I mean I mixed the packet of ingredients with water then cooked them…) and fruit salad while Isaac worked on the eggs and bacon. It was topped off with some delicious juice and the beautiful bouquet of flowers Isaac bought me. Days like this past Saturday, as non monumental as it was, are what make me all the more excited for our future together. To just live life with him, go on runs and cook breakfast together. Be lazy, laugh and get to know him even more. I can’t wait!brunch collage

And to end that perfect Valentine’s Saturday, my siblings and I played in the front yard with our TEN Golden Retriever puppies. It was their first time outdoors and they loved it! The sun was warm and after about 30 minutes of playing, they were all sleeping on top of each other. I just about melted they were so adorable.

On a side note, check out the gifts my students at school gave me for Valentines Day on Friday! I didn’t think I would get anything, but they were so sweet and thoughtful! And I survived my first classroom party. Success.


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