Universidad del Desarrollo y la Feria

Today I went up to the university again and remembered to take some pictures while I was up there! If I had that kind of view everyday, then I would really love going to class. Walking on the crutches was quite a challenge today too… By the time I can walk again, I’m going to have some killer shoulders and biceps!

udd 1

udd 2

After getting picked up (Uncle Cliff was nice enough to drop me off and pick me up from the university so I wouldn’t have to take the micro and metro there), we stopped by the feria on our way home. I used to LOVE going here with my mom, getting fresh fruits and vegetables and looking at all the different things they had there.

feria 1

feria 2

My favorite part (NOT!) was the fish truck. You could smell it from a few stands away!

feria 3

It was such a beautiful afternoon today! I really enjoyed getting out and seeing some of my favorite parts of Santiago.

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