Top 10 Things to Do This Spring!

Top 10 Things To Do This Spring

Spring is here! My all time favorite season of the year. The time of year when we see the promise of new, beautiful and “renewed” life. A reminder that we were once dead, ugly and barren in our trespasses, but through Christ we were made new and beautiful.

I think that’s why God created Spring. To show His glory and beauty through the wild flowers dotting the fields by the highways. Through the green, budding trees I see on my way to class. Through the chirping birds outside my window every morning. Through the cool spring air I enjoy on my early morning runs. And through the rain showers that bring new life to the world around me.

That’s why I love Spring.

And this Spring I plan on enjoying it as much as I can! That’s why I decided to find 10 fun and inexpensive things to do this Spring. It’s a time to get together with your friends, significant other and loved ones and enjoy the wonderful weather, the promise of summer and, basically, the best season ever.

1. Have a picnic at the park, lake, ocean… Doesn’t matter where. Just have a picnic!

2. Go on a hike!

3. Visit a farmer’s market- take advantage of the fresh, locally grown produce

4. Run a 5K or 10K… or you can go big and run a half or full marathon!

5. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores

6. Pick some flowers

7. Take pictures in the flowers- enjoy God’s creation!

8. Shop at a flea market

9. Go to an outdoor restaurant!

10. Plant a flower… Or try growing it from seed. It’ll be fun, I promise!

I know I hope to do everything on this list and I will share my spring endeavors as they occur! Now get off your computer, open the doors and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!… Because soon it will be miserably hot. Gotta love Texas!

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