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The Barre Code PlanoYesterday I went to my very first barre class. For the past couple of years, I have heard and read so much about barre, but I never had the chance to try it out until now. Last week I heard about an even that The Barre Code in Plano was having and signed up for it without a moment’s hesitation! The event consisted of a class that was a mashup of three different styles they offer at the studio, and afterwards there was going to be a trunk show by Brick Betty, some food provided by Wholesome Grub and post workout facials provided by Skinnocent Co. I was pumped!

When I arrived, I was impressed with the feel and look of the studio from the moment I walked in. One of the things I look for in a studio or gym is cleanliness and professionalism, which I definitely experienced at The Bare Code. It was open, bright and clean. The staff was so sweet and warm, and I loved hearing them talk about the mantra of the studio and how they want the women who workout there to feel. The studio mantra was painted on the wall right when you walk in, which I loved. How cool is that?! It not only served as a good backdrop for pictures, but it was also a great reminder of why we were there and showed a glimpse into the passion the owner, Judy Godfrey, has for her studio.

When it was time to start the class I was nervous. I always get a little anxiety before starting a new class, because I really don’t know what to expect. I grabbed some 2 lbs dumbbells, a small exercise ball and walked into the workout room. There were mirrors on three sides of the room, with a bar running the entire perimeter. I found a spot next to a mirror and waited for the class to start. Before beginning the class, the owner talked a little about the goals  of the studio and about the three different styles we were about to try. Then the music started and we didn’t stop moving for 60 minutes! 


This was hands down my favorite style we did! It was a cardio workout that included kickboxing sequences and left me sweating and breathless. I loved it because it made me feel strong and yes… a little uncoordinated! But once I got used to the different sequences and moves that we were doing, it was fun and challenging to keep up and work on my technique.

Barre Code

This was the toughest style of the class because it focused on lengthening and strengthening the muscles. I can do cardio classes easily, but when it comes to toning I fail miserably. 2 lbs weights don’t sound like much, but my arms were BURNING after only 10 minutes and they are sore sore sore this morning. I like doing toning workouts in a group setting, because it forces me to push through the burn and not give up or take a break like I might do at home. Especially when the instructor says “Everyone, make a promise to yourself to not drop your arms. Let’s make it our goal for everyone to push through. No one gives up! 8… 7…” O.M.G. I didn’t want to be the only one to drop my arms, and I came out of that class realizing that I am stronger than I think.


This style was fun because it reminded me a lot of the Zumba classes I used to take. I love cardio dance classes, and that’s exactly what Barre-dio is. But, by this time in our workout it was almost noon and I was sore, tired and hungry. I’ll have to come back and do this class with some friends, because I know it would be a blast!


When the class was over, I wished I could have stayed to enjoy a post workout facial and talk with some of the girls from the class, but I had to leave. Before running out the door, I DID grab some of the food provided by Wholesome Grub and wow… It was SO good! I had their Southwestern Quinoa Salad and the Basil Pesto Jerk Chicken Wrap. The food was delicious and you could tell that it was made with fresh, real ingredients. I know that next time I’m in the area I’m going to eat there! I mean, what’s not to like about nutritious food at an affordable price?!

All in all, I LOVED my experience at The Barre Code in Plano. I’m already planning on going back next weekend to try some more classes!
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  1. Thanks for the great review! I’m so glad you loved your workout!

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