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Thanksgiving Decorations You Can Ship Straight to Your Door | read more at

November is here, which means the most wonderful time of the year is upon us! I love the holiday season so much, and look forward to it every year. One of my favorite parts about Thanksgiving and Christmas is getting to go all out on my decorations. I have tubs of decorations stored in my outdoor closet, two for Christmas and one for fall/Thanksgiving. I know some people (*cough* my husband *cough*) don’t get the whole “decorating for every season” thing, but I absolutely love it. It makes that time of year even more special! In the spring, I pull out all my bright colors and wild flowers.. In the summer it’s sunflowers and burlap. And in the fall I’m all about pumpkins! The one season I don’t ever decorate for is winter, but that’s probably because of how much I dislike it. And “winter” decorations remind me of Christmas, which in turn makes me sad, knowing it will be almost an entire year until I get to enjoy Christmas again. It’s a sad, sad cycle, y’all! 

Anyways, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and fall, I decided to round up some of the oh-so-adorable decorations that I’ve come across recently. Some are Amazon links (which is my vice!), and others are from Etsy (support small businesses, yo), but all of them you can purchase online which is right up my alley. Who needs to go all the way to Hobby Lobby or Home Goods to get decorations when they can be shipped straight to your door? #lazygirlprobs 

Thanksgiving Decorations (You Can Ship Straight to your Door)

  1. Inspirational Pumpkins– how sweet are these? They’d go great on a mantle or as a centerpiece on a table! 
  2. Upcycled Book Pumpkin– This pumpkin is one of my favorite things ever. It is such a cute idea, and I love how each one is different.  Thanksgiving Decorations | read more at
  3. Fall Tree Pillowcase– guys I’m such a sucker for pillows, and I am all about buying cute pillowcases. It’s way cheaper than buying new pillows, and easier to clean if they get messed up. 

  4. Give Thanks Blocks– these are SO cute, and they would be perfect to display on your mantle or a bookshelf. I love ’em.
  5. “Welcome Y’all” Door Hanger– As a Texan, “y’all” is one of the most used words in my vocabulary, so it’s no surprise that I am in love with this door hanger! 
    Thanksgiving Decorations |
  6. Fall Mason Jars– I am such a sucker for mason jars, and I absolutely love these fall colored ones. They would go perfectly with my fall colors, and who doesn’t love a pop of purple for some fun?
  7. “Hello Fall” banner– How stinkin’ cute is this banner? I love everything about it, from the beautiful script font to the glitter and leaves. Best of all, you can customize it! 
    Thanksgiving Decorations |
  8. Maple Leaf Pillowcase– here’s another adorable pillowcase that is perfect for Thanksgiving and fall. I love the maple leaf detail, and there are so many different styles you can choose from!  
  9. Burlap Banner– I am all about these burlap banners, and did you see all the other colors you can order? They are perfect for sprucing up a blah wall, and (if you’re feeling creative) you can also write on them so they spell out phrases like “Give Thanks” or “Happy Fall”. 
  10. Rustic “Thankful” Sign– I am one of the biggest fans of wooden signs, and this one is to die for. It would go perfectly, well… just about anywhere! 
    Thanksgiving Decorations |
  11. Gold Dipped Pumpkins– These are so beautiful, and I love how they are different sizes and colors. This would be perfect for your centerpiece or to decorate a windowsill. 
    Thanksgiving Decorations |
  12. Give Thanks Burlap Sign– I love all things burlap, and this sign is adorable. Simple and clean, and perfect for Thanksgiving! 
    Thanksgiving Decorations |

I’ve also been working on some Thanksgiving and Christmas paintings, which you can find in my Etsy shop! And as a gift to you, here’s a free download one of my newest watercolors that I’m raving about. Just click on the picture to access the full resolution image! 

Thanksgiving Decorations You Can Ship Straight to Your Door | read more at

What is your favorite Thanksgiving decoration? And are you also a huge fan of online shopping?


Thanksgiving Decorations You Can Ship Straight to Your Door | read more at

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  1. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    I love the convienece of online shopping. It’s so easy! These are some great picks. I love your adorable watercolors.

  2. Harmony at Momma To Go says:

    I like the thankful crate you could have that out all year really

  3. Stephanie says:

    I loved the decorations. The book pumpkin was my favourite. But as a book lover, I did have a mild heart attack that someone cut up a book.

  4. Samantha Hodges Hatcher says:

    I always like to bring something to my mother-in-law when we come for the holidays. I love the pumpkins with the inspirational sayings. I will be on the lookout for those.

  5. Candy Kage says:

    Love all these decorations. Never think to use a banner or more wall hangings. Thanks for the ideas.

  6. Mamaguru says:

    So cute! I especially love the book pumpkin and the picture of the fall tree. Great round-up!!

  7. Shelly says:

    Ah, I love people’s creativity! Everything is nice, but I especially love both of those pillowcases!

  8. Maria says:

    gosh, I love so many of these ideas! That book pumpkin is adorable and creative!

  9. Cate Shadder says:

    I love all of these! The burlap banners are my favorite!

  10. Neely says:

    I love all of these decorations. I wish I had a reason to buy more!

  11. Sarah Jean says:

    I am melting over that pumpkin book!!

  12. Katie Arnold says:

    I love those mason jars!! :)

  13. Natalie says:

    I love the banner and the rustic “thankful” sign! Too cute!

  14. Erin says:

    These are great ideas to bring over a nice gift for the host of Thanksgiving! I actually know an Etsy seller who makes the cutest custom wood, rustic signs for under $10!! Check out how cute:

  15. Love #8 – that maple leaf pillow is amazing!

  16. Jennifer says:

    These are beautiful Thanksgiving decorations. My favorite is the Fall tree pillow and the Happy Fall banner.

  17. Me too!! Those mason jars are SO cute, aren’t they?! I use mason jars ALL the time for decoration!

  18. Jazzmine Woodard says:

    These are all so cute! “Y’all” is one of the most used words in my vocabulary, too! Thanks for sharing.

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