Taco Stuffed Cornbread Muffins & Five Ways to Spend Time With Your Pet

March 1, 2017

  1. Bonnie Marrow says:

    Looks yummy! And your pup is adorable!

  2. I love dogs but they are a lot of work. We have an 18 year old deaf (&mean) cat!
    I love the idea of stuffing a corn muffin w something savory!

    • So so true!! But honestly it’s worth it… you are their whole world, and it’s so rewarding to see them so happy.
      And thanks! They were deelish.

    • They really are! We went back and forth on getting a dog for a while before finally deciding we would… And we never regretted it once! She brings so much joy to our lives. <3
      The stuffed muffin is pretty fun, isn't it? I'm thinking about making a variation of it next month with a more sweet spin. Can't wait!

  3. Jackie says:

    Well those look delish! Love all the photos of your dog! Taking ours camping for the first time in April!

  4. ummm what! these look awesome and your dog is adorable!

  5. I absolutely LOVE everything TACOS & the Taco Stuffed Cornbread Muffins looks sooooo amazing!! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  6. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Your dogs are so cute!! I love how active you keep them. I need to try this dog food with my dog. #client

  7. Those look great! I have to try this recipe!

  8. That recipe looks delicious and camping sounds like such a fun thing to plan this year with our new puppy! Good to know to close the vent flap though lol.

  9. Ummm yes please! These look awesome! And this looks like such a fun day with your dog!

  10. Kristen Osborne says:

    I absolutely love Mexican food. I make a taco casserole at least twice a month. So, This will definitely find its way onto my meal plan ????

  11. Krissie Aguilar says:

    I’m so ready for it to be hiking weather here in Indianapolis! My hubby and I love to take our dogs on hikes and pack a lunch. These muffins sound perfect!

  12. Amanda Kanashiro says:

    I never thought of doing the stuffed cornbread muffins. Looks great! Spending time with pets….well, interacting with a fish is not all that exciting. :)

    • Thanks Amanda! The stuffed cornbread is so fun and easy. I can’t wait to make some variations with other ingredients!
      And your comment made me literally laugh out loud. I’m sure you and your little fishy can do all kinds of things together… Like staring contests and, (if things get reaal crazy) you can see who can hold their breath the longest. ;)

  13. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    So cute!! What great photos of your sweet Lillie. My mom swears by Rachael Ray’s dog food. :)

  14. Such a cute pup! My daughter enjoyed the pictures. :) Those cornbread muffins look good as well!

  15. Becca Wilson says:

    Those taco stuffed cornbread muffins look absolutely amazing! This would be a great way to get in a good meal that is not too messy.

  16. Oh my gosh those cornbread muffins look AMAZING! I can’t wait to try that! And I am LOVING that picture of the picnic lol that is a happy happy dog. <3

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