Summer Produce You Need to Try

July 11, 2016

  1. Renee LeBlanc says:

    I haven’t tried half of these, clearly I’m missing out!

  2. Candy Kage says:

    Love, love all the fresh fruits and veggies during the summer. What my garden doesn’t produce we always hit up the local farmer markets.

  3. Rachel G says:

    Oh, yum!! Fresh fruits and veggies are just the best! Peaches are really hard to find (good ones, anyways) in Malaysia, and I miss them a lot!

  4. Bri says:

    Great picks! I love fresh peaches. Whenever I find a place to land I’m really looking forward to finding a nearby farmer’s market.

  5. Oh yum! I can’t seem to find good squash anywhere this year.

  6. Kim Munoz says:

    I am gonna pin this so I don’t ever lose it! I love me some summer squash! We do bountiful baskets and always love them!

  7. Karin Rambo says:

    Peaches in the summer are the best!! There’s nothing like a perfectly ripe peach!

  8. Cat Lin says:

    Wow! What a list! Thank you for putting together a list with all the recipes. Can’t wait to try :)

  9. This post is beautiful! I love how you included the nutritional value of each item as well as images showing what it can be made into!

  10. Chelsea says:

    Farmer’s markets are so fun! Love all these fun colors!

  11. Darryon says:

    I always forget about okra and I LOVE it! Making my way to the grocery store after work.

  12. kp says:

    Fresh peaches are SO DELICIOUS!! I have to admit, I’ve never bought a pineapple because I don’t know how to cut it, haha! Fresh ones you buy from the farmers market taste so much better than the ones you buy at the store pre-cut – so I need to learn to cut them. It’s probably easier than I think.

    • Oh it’s so easy! I just cut off the top and bottom, then slice off the outside (removing all the pricklies and tough spots. Then cut around the core (tough part in the center of the pineapple) and slice up into bite sized pieces. I’m sure there are plenty of videos on Youtube, and I’m pretty sure Amazon has pineapple corers. Fresh pineapple is SO worth it!

  13. I’m in love with the fruit right now. It’s prime fruit season, at least for my favorites. I have a ton of Kale in the fridge right now and wasn’t feeling inspired. Thanks for sharing those three recipes!

  14. I love a good summer squash.. most of these are wonderful. I’m not a big fan of blueberries but everything else gets a thumbs up :)

  15. Susannah says:

    <3<3<3 I absolutely adore fresh summertime produce!!!

  16. Gina Leslie says:

    This is so great! I love salads and fruits during the summer time, especially after long, fun & hot summer days!

  17. Give me an avocado and I am goldennnn!!!

  18. Hilary Urban says:

    Mmmm this looks delicious! We have so much delicious produce growing in our garden right now! It’s beautiful!

  19. Jessica Hughes says:

    Love summer produce! Okra is probably my favorite on this list!

  20. Ohbeehave says:

    Yum! I love fresh produce :) I’ve always loved peaches but not been a fan of their furry texture. Recently i Have been grating them into my pancakes and they are delicious (plus I cut some up and heat them up with some maple syrup to pour on top – so delicious!)

  21. Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie says:

    Ooh, yummy! These are some of my favorite summer fruits & veggies and I just love how you gave recommended recipes too! Can’t wait to try some of these!

  22. Wow that sounds amazing! I’ve only eaten blueberries fresh off the bushes… I can’t imagine picking a peach off a tree. That sounds delicious!

  23. Awesome! I hope you enjoy it.

  24. Michelle Lynn says:

    looks sooo yummy and refreshing!

  25. Stacey Eckert says:

    My favorite summer produce is watermelon! I swear it tastes juicier and sweeter during the summer! Yum!!!

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