Summer Harvest Stuffed Sweet Potato

This spring Isaac built a raised garden in our backyard, and it has been so much fun watching everything grow and eating the literal fruits of his labor. He has done an excellent job, and I have loved all the garden fresh veggies we’ve had this summer. We learned a lot with our first experience, like squash and zucchini plants like to take over the whole bed, okra grows crazy fast, the difference between indeterminate and determinate tomatoes, and so much more. We’re already talking about adding a second bed to the backyard for next year, and I’m so excited! 

This picture is from may when we had the attack of the squash. Now it’s full of okra and huge, overgrown tomato plants haha! 

Summer Harvest Stuffed Sweet Potato |

Since we’ve had so much fresh produce to eat, I’ve had fun coming up with new ways to enjoy them in our meals. This Summer Harvest Stuffed Sweet Potato was definitely a winner in my book, and I snapped some pictures so I could share the recipe with y’all. It was so stinking yummy, filling and a great way to showcase our summer veggies. 

Summer Harvest Stuffed Sweet Potato |

You can use rotisserie chicken in the meal, but I actually cooked it in the instant pot and shredded it. It’s super easy and turns out really juicy if you do it right (aka, don’t manually release all the pressure immediately like I have way too many times haha). I’ve also made the sweet potatoes in the instant pot as well and it’s always delicious! 

*Life hack: make extra veggies and save them for breakfast and lunches during the week. It’s a super easy way to add yummy vegetables into your day!

Summer Harvest Stuffed Sweet Potato |

Garden produce we used: bell peppers, onion, zucchini, okra, tomatoes, thyme, basil and rosemary! 

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Summer Harvest Stuffed Sweet Potato |

Summer Harvest Stuffed Sweet Potato

  • Author: Becca Hicks


This super easy recipe showcases your favorite summer produce in a new way. The sweet potatoes add a sweet contrast to the savory filling that everyone will love! 



4 medium sweet potatoes
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 red bell pepper
1 Tbsp chopped green onion
1/2 tsp garlic
1 large zucchini
1/3 cup corn
1 cup okra
2 tomatoes
1 1/2 cups cooked and shredded chicken
1/2 tsp thyme
1/2 tsp basil
1/2 tsp rosemary
1/2 tsp paprika
Salt and pepper


Steam the sweet potatoes in an instant pot until done. Check out this recipe from Well Plated to see how. 

Dice the red bell pepper, onion, zucchini and tomatoes. Slice the okra. 

Heat the olive oil on medium heat. Add the onion and garlic. Saute until fragrant and the onion is translucent and soft, about 10 minutes.  Add the bell pepper, zucchini, tomatoes, okra, corn and seasonings. 

Continue to cook the veggies on medium heat until they are all tender, about 10-15 minutes. Add the chicken and heat it up in the pan with the vegetables. Remove from heat. 

Cut open a sweet potato and scoop the filling inside. Enjoy! 


You can bake the sweet potatoes the traditional way if you don’t own an instant pot. 

Use rotisserie chicken or your own cooked breasts (I cook mine in the Instant Pot)

Summer Harvest Stuffed Sweet Potato | read more at Summer Harvest Stuffed Sweet Potato | read more at


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