Sseko Ribbon Sandals Review

Y’all I am SO excited to share these awesome sandals with you today! I recently found out about Sseko (thanks Brooke!) and am officially in love with their stuff. I am a HUGE fan of companies that give back, and this one does that and so much more.

Sseko (pronounced say-ko) is a fashion brand based out of Uganda, and has not only provided income for the highly talented women they employ, but has also helped many of them go to university. It’s giving women the opportunity to get out of poverty and pursue a higher education that will help them in the years to come. To date they’ve enabled 87 women to go to university, and the company currently employs a team of 50 women in Uganda to create all their products. How cool is that??

Sseko Ribbon Sandals Review |

I also like reading all the short little bios of the women who work there, because it gives you a look into the company that you can’t really get anywhere else. Reading about these women makes what Seeko does and how it helps people so real! You actually get to see the beautiful faces of the women they employ and hear how working for Sseko has impacted not only their lives, but also the lives of their families. *cue all the tears*

Read more about all the amazing things they do and ways they’re helping their local and international communities here!

Sseko Ribbon Sandals Review |

And on top of all that (as if it could get better), they have a gorgeous inventory of everything from sandals and handbags to jewelry and scarves, all made by their team of women in Uganda. The designs are so cute, and I am in love with their leather bags! Yes, the prices are a bit on the higher side, but when you think about all that this company does, I don’t mind the price tag one bit. And it helps that the quality is out of this world, so you’re definitely getting what you pay for! 

One of the most popular items sold by Sseko are their Ribbon Sandals, and for good reason. They. Are. Awesome. 
After my friend told me about the company and got me hooked up with a Sseko Fellow (aka distributor in the US), I couldn’t wait to start ordering my first pair of sandals. Now that sandal season is here, I wanted to invest in some that would last me throughout the upcoming scorching months AND grow with the swollen prego feet I know I’ll have once summer’s here.
Enter the Ribbon Sandals.

Sseko Ribbon Sandals Review |

The minute I slipped on my new kicks, I knew I had made the right decision. 
They are comfortable. 
The straps are easily adjustable. 
You can customize your sandals with different ribbons and strings. 
And I LOVE how they look.

Y’all they are the real deal! ; ) 

Sseko Ribbon Sandals Review |

My favorite part of all, though, was getting to see the name “Justine” written on the tag of my sandals. Because Justine is the brave, strong woman in Uganda who made my sandals. She’s the girl who followed her passion and talents. She’s the dreamer who is now an inspiration to her younger brothers and sisters. Justine is the woman who I was able to support by buying my Sseko sandals. 
I know I’m pregnant and hormonal, but it brings tears to my eyes to think about that! 

I love that this company is about more than just making a profit. It’s about changing lives and making an impact on the world. How can you not love supporting a brand like that?

Sseko Ribbon Sandals Review |

If you’d like to shop and help out the Sseko Fellow I worked with (Monique) then shop here! : )

Now it’s your turn to talk! Answer one of these questions in the comments below:
Have you ever heard of Sseko before?
What is your favorite product they sell? Check them all out here (and get to shop with Monique!)

I was not compensated for this blog post or review! All opinions are my own- I just love sharing what I love with you. : )

Sseko Ribbon Sandals Review |

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