Spring Breaking the Active Way!

I can’t believe spring break is basically over. It’s Friday… where did the week go?! I kept so busy, and I don’t think I went a day this week without being sore in some part of my body! Everyday I found myself doing something different, be it a run with Isaac, a long hike or simply shopping with some friends.

My busy Spring Break started with a four mile run my little brother, Isaac and I did early Saturday morning. I am training for two 10Ks that are coming up soon (a week from tomorrow is the first!), so I’ve had to fit in a run whenever possible to make sure I’ll be in tip top shape… aka able to finish without too much pain in my knees.
On Monday my best friend, Caley, took me to Cameron Park in Waco where her sister and I ran three miles on a nature trail and then ran up Jacob’s ladder twice. That was killer.

{I forgot to take pictures, so these are some I found on Google… oops!}

The next day we headed to Dallas to go shopping. I was in some serious calf muscle pain. You’d never believe how much they HURT after running up Jacob’s Ladder. Not to mention doing it twice. In Dallas we went to the food trucks (which has become my favorite place to go in Dallas), had lunch and then headed to NorthPark to do some shopping. I love Caley’s family! They are so loving and sweet. I consider them my second family, and have gained three sisters since I met Caley freshman year of college.


Then on Wednesday, one of my friends convinced me to try a Hot Yoga class with her. I love doing yoga and having that sore feeling the next day that tells me I really worked my body, but I do have one slight problem. I can’t touch my toes. I get made fun of it all the time. But it’s a real problem.I’ve struggled with this since middle school, and no matter how hard I try or stretch, I just cannot become flexible.

Until hot yoga.

I felt so strong, flexible and limber after the class… And best of all- I could touch my toes for the rest of the day! I just tried and I can’t anymore, but at least I could yesterday!
Anyways, I really loved the class we went to. Doing yoga in a warmed room helped loosen up my muscles, made me sweat up a storm and made the moves that much more fun. I mean, when you have to move from Warrior Three into Crouching Tiger all while grabbing a towel to wipe the sweat from your eyes, you kinda feel like a beast. I know I did! Jordyn and I decided we are definitely going to do hot yoga again… I just wish I lived closer to the studio!

The best (or worst) part about doing the yoga class was how SORE I was yesterday! My entire body was tired and hurting, but in a good way. So there you go, Jordyn. I think every time I workout with her, her goal is to make me as sore as possible the next day. At least that has been the result every time! 

Yesterday my Dad took off of work and brought the family to the Caddo National Grasslands area to fish. 

IMG_4945 IMG_4946 IMG_4949 IMG_4960IMG_4962

After sticking it out for a whole 30 minutes, sitting in the wind and sun, and not even getting a nibble on my line I gave up (I wasn’t feeling it yesterday) and took Buttercup on a four mile hike! By the end of it we were both exhausted.

IMG_4964 IMG_4974My view the entire hike was Buttercup ahead of me and looking back to make sure I was following- what a stinker!

IMG_4979 IMG_4987My snack was one of my favorite Quest bars- Cookies and Cream! If you haven’t tried one before you should. They are very high in fiber and protein, low in fat and come in so many delicious flavors. I like them best when they are toasted or slightly warmed; the one I had was nice and melty from the sun shining on my backpack. Delish!


This morning I went on a four mile run at the local running park as my mom walked two miles. I love spending time with her, because we are basically the same person! We have the same laugh, both love baking (and eating what we made), watching classics like Sleepless and Seattle, sewing and spending time with the family. As I’ve said many times before, I love my Momma!

I have really enjoyed this Spring Break, and wish it could last longer. It is so nice to spend time with the people I am closest to, and it makes me excited for next year when I move back home! Nightly card games, eating fresh fried fish and celebrating National Pi Day are just three reasons my family is the coolest.


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