Snow Day!

snow day collageToday was an unplanned free day for me! I hate that I’m missing out on teaching days with my kiddos, but I know that I probably made the best decision to stay home from school. I woke up at 6 this morning and began watching the news, checking the roads and monitoring the weather until I finally decided to stay on the safe side and not make my hour-long trek to school in the ice, snow and freezing temperatures.
I’m kind of glad I did, because around the time I would have left (school started late today), it started snowing here in Bonham. And when I say snow, I mean it looked like a North Texas blizzard out there for a good ten minutes. I’m surprised the power didn’t go out ;).

So today will be a day of applying for big girl jobs, drinking coffee, in-home workouts, maybe a few paintings and just staying warm. Sounds good to me!signature

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