Slow and Steady

I worked out for the first time this morning since I broke my foot and it felt so good!! Lately I have been getting around more, walking around the house with no crutches and actually getting my own food and drinks, which has been awesome. But now I’m getting more and more restless, and it’s hard to remember sometimes that my foot is still healing (though the boot does still serve as a pretty good reminder most of the time!).
I hate seeing my muscle tone go away, but that will be a great motivator for when I really begin working out! I mean, look at this pathetic calf muscle haha! But I know the only way I’ll be able to fully recover is by taking things slow and steady… I’m gonna be really working on my patience these next few months!


Today my workout consisted of going up and down the stairs 20 times with my boot on and 5 times without it, holding onto the railing. My ankle was so weak I couldn’t step down without supporting myself on the wall. Then I went to the weight machine the Cases have and worked out my quads and arms. I ended my workout with abs!

I have less than two weeks left here on Chile, so please continue to keep my foot, the work we are doing here and the people God is placing in our lives in your prayers! He is doing some awesome work here in Chile.
Last Thursday it snowed in the upper parts of Santiago! It was gorgeous.


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