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Where has summer gone?! I feel like every day for the past few weeks I have been busy doing this or doing that, running errands around town and mentally preparing myself for the beginning of the school year in a couple of weeks. I’ve already begun to mourn summer!

This past weekend was one of the best ones I have had in a very long time. My brother, who is up in North Dakota right now, came down to San Antonio to visit his girlfriend and invited me and Isaac. Luckily my great aunt lives about three blocks from the Riverwalk, so we stayed at her house (an awesome deal if I say so myself!) and hung out with Jarrett, Hannah and some of her family all weekend!

I picked up Isaac on the way down, and he drove the rest of the way to San Antonio. I have always enjoyed road trips, but I love them when I’m with him! It’s one of the few times we have to just talk about nothing, laugh at our inside jokes, listen to some good Texas country music and just learn more about each other. He’s such a great road trip buddy! However, the downfall to having such a good time is that we end up missing our exits… multiple times. On this trip it happened two or three times! 10530790_10154396637635198_4974240567876354948_nOnce we got to San Antonio, we dropped our stuff off at my aunt’s house, freshened up (which for me is putting on a new outfit, washing my face and fixing my hair and makeup… for Isaac it’s taking a nap while I do all that) and headed to the Riverwalk for a late night snack. IMG_7657 IMG_7659 IMG_7665 IMG_7674Isaac had read about a fancy restaurant on the river that makes guacamole for you at your table… and boy oh boy was it good! I could have eaten it all day! After our guac and chips, we headed back to my aunt’s and crashed- road trips always drain me!IMG_7669 IMG_7671

On Saturday we got up and left mid morning to go toobing on the Comal River. It was a pretty cloudy day, so it wasn’t too hot, but the water was so cold I had goosebumps for half the float! It was crowded, but I enjoyed people watching and creeping on the people around us. No shame. The biggest drawback to the float was that the river was soooooooo slow I think we went backwards a couple of times. In the end, I had fun, but I don’t think I’ll go back. I’m more of a white water rapids kinda gal!
Later that evening we headed out to Gruene Hall, which (I learned this weekend) is the oldest dance hall in Texas. I thought that was so cool and really want to come back to Gruene someday to shop around and really see what that area looks like. The dance hall was a big open room with warped wooden floors, a small stage, bar in the back and open windows. Outdoors is an area with picnic tables and Christmas lights where you can sit down and still hear and enjoy the concert without being in the crowded, hot dance hall. I enjoyed the atmosphere and how they had kept the integrity of the dance hall!
Isaac and I love going out dancing (and both wish we could go more often), so that night was a lot of fun for the us! We aren’t the best dancers in the world, but I have a blast with him and that’s all that matters… Even when I’m tripping over my feet or forgetting to grab his hand when spinning around! 10525708_10152361495838742_4197650496681888054_n

Sunday was our Alamo day! Growing up overseas meant I really didn’t learn about Texas history so I was pestering Isaac with questions, but I think (or at least I hope) he didn’t mind. I enjoyed it! IMG_7683 IMG_7688After the Alamo we walked back to my aunt’s on the Riverwalk with Jarrett and Hannah. I just love how pretty and green it is! IMG_7697 IMG_7706 IMG_7708And of course we got our Riverwalk selfie!
IMG_7711 IMG_7712

On our way out of San Antonio, we met up with my uncle (my mom’s brother) for lunch! I love being able to catch up with family members when I’m out on “vacation”. It makes the trip more fun for me! My mom grew up in the Hill Country so I decided to surprise her with some of her favorite peaches from Stonewall, TX. When we made our peach jam a few weeks ago, she commented on how much she missed her Hill Country peaches so I knew I had to stop and get her some while I was down there!
We also went through her home town and drove by my grandparents’ old house. Johnson City is a tiny town, and I love it not only because of the small town feel, but also because of all the memories that surface every time I visit. IMG_7714

I am sad the weekend is over… They always seem to end way to fast. But it was such a good chance to get away and have some fun before school starts back (dun dun dun)!


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