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Today we took the three little guys to meet up with our aunt in Oklahoma to send them off for a few days of what we call “la-la land”. Going out with Aunt Mara always equals non-stop fun, ice cream for breakfast and feeling like the most special kid in the world. I used to love going to her house in Missouri to play with my cousins and older brother! We are going camping in Arkansas this weekend for Fourth of July and will meet back up with the kids, my uncle, aunt and one of my cousins at the campsite. We are also going floating down a river, which will be so much fun! On our four-hour drive home, my mom, RachelĀ and I had some fun stopping at antique stores and my favorite- a peach orchard and bakery shop! It was so cute and rustic, with allĀ the homemade jellies, preserves and garden fresh fruits and veggies. We couldn’t resist buying some peaches and blueberries! I currently have a pie on the oven made with the blueberries we bought (I’ll share the recipe tomorrow!). I was so excited about the fresh peaches, and plan on making some peach jam next week to bring on our trip to Colorado.

store front veggiepeach stand IMG_20140702_141949_zpsbs35oqvr IMG_20140702_142045_zpsxf8jie5u IMG_20140702_143053_zpssyqridlg And there was NO way we could leave without getting some homemade ice cream!! That and anything chocolate are the two things I can never pass on. Mom had a cone, I got a shake and Rachel got a smoothie.IMG_20140702_143120_zpso2eyugdf Even though I HATE the Texas heat, days like today and weekends like what I’m about to have make me love summertime! signature

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