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Ramailo Restaurant Indian FoodOne of mine and Isaac’s new year’s resolutions was to try a different type of food each month. For the month of January we decided to give Indian food a try.
After running 7 miles one Sunday afternoon, we were HUNGRY and ready to try some new food. So we got on Yelp! and found a restaurant in Irving that had really good reviews. A short drive later and we were walking into Ramailo Restaurant. It was pretty empty (and by empty, I mean we were one of two tables there), but I guess that’s to be expected for 7 pm on a Sunday!IMG_20160124_193458015

Our server was shy but sweet and helped us make our decisions (mostly by telling us what everything was, because we had no idea!). For an appetizer she brought us some complimentary masala poppers, which seemed to me like big tortilla chips with some spicy carrot/cucumber salsa. It was okay, but not my favorite. Isaac ate most of it! We also ordered some garlic naan which was my FAVORITE. Shocker, right? It’s basically just grilled flat bread with garlic and parmesan.

Isaac ordered the chicken tikka masala, which came with some naan on the side. The chicken tikka masala is a dish with roasted chicken in a creamy tomato and curry based sauce. It was spicy, but it had a lot of flavor and it was good for dipping. I did decide, though, that I’m not a fan of curry. A little goes a long way with me!

I went safe and ordered the steamed chicken momos. I am not the biggest fan of spicy food, and the server said they wouldn’t be bad so I decided to give them a shot. She said they are basically Indian style dumplings and that sounded so good. I really liked the momos, but couldn’t eat the sauce they came with because just a few drops and my mouth was on fire! Even Isaac agreed that it was spicy. The dumplings had a shredded chicken filling with garlic and other spices. They were delicious dipped in Isaac’s chicken tikka masala sauce.

After we finished eating, the server brought out some breath fresheners. I didn’t try it, but Isaac did and said it tasted horrible! He said it had a really strong licorice taste that was too overpowering. Oh well! IMG_20160124_200459547

Overall we really enjoyed our meal at Ramailo Restaurant. The food was delicious, came out fast and our server was helpful. It was empty, but we didn’t mind and I really enjoyed watching the Indian pop music videos they had playing on the other side of the restaurant. I know I’ll definitely have Indian food again.
So far our New Year’s Resolution is off to a good start! Next up is Thai.

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