Quilted Fabric Layered Hoop {diy}

Happy Monday!!

It’s nice to have the day off from work and I have really enjoyed doing crafts, redecorating and trying out new recipes all weekend… I guess I could do some homework too. Ehh I’ll wait till later tonight!

One of the crafts I did was inspired from a diy I saw on ashelyannphotography.com. I have followed her blog for a couple of years and LOVE her house, design inspiration and photography. This was such a fun craft to do, and I really enjoyed picking out the fabric and busting out my sewing machine to make this!


  • 50 fabric squares (mine were 4×4 inches)
  • 18 inch fabric hoop
  • 5 or so strips of fabric (to cover the hoop)
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • sewing machine and thread
  • scissors

1. Cut the fabric into squares- they don’t have to be all the same size. Having varied sizes makes it look more “eclectic”!

2. Begin making your rows of squares that you will soon sew together to make strips (this is the “quilting” part!). I had seven different fabrics I worked with, and used one of each in every row. If you make your squares more or less 4×4 inches, aim for 7 squares per row. If you are unsure of the length your rows should be, simply make sure they completely cross the widest part of the inner hoop.
I organized my rows so they were in different orders and the colors didn’t overlap. I didn’t want it to look like a patterned quilt- still going for the eclectic look!

3. Once you have the rows laid out, begin sewing the squares together to form the rows! Follow your machine manual and instructions to know how do this if you have not used a sewing machine before.
I used white all-purpose thread to do this!

4. Cut out about four or five strips of fabric to cover the outer hoop.

5. Use the hot glue to secure the end of the fabric strip onto the hoop then begin wrapping it around and secure the end. Continue with the other fabric strips until the hoop is completely covered.

6. Once you have all of the rows sewn together (you will end up with seven rows if you followed how I did it) lay them over the inner hoop, completely covering it. Place the freshly wrapped outer hoop snugly around the inner hoop and tighten.

7. Flip the hoop over and cut the excess fabric off… and you’re done!!

It looks great in the kitchen, alongside the coffee cup hanger I decorated and my chevron watercolor painting!!

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