Pantry Essentials for a Healthy Kitchen

April 18, 2016

  1. Rica Lewis says:

    I’ve never actually used almond flour, but I’m intrigued now! As for this post: YES! What great compilation of the goods I need in my pantry. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rachel G says:

    I love your canning jar organizing system!

  3. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    I just love your pretty handwriting! So beautiful.

  4. Ashley LaMar says:

    Quinoa is definitely a must-have item for me. My husband is vegetarian and I use A LOT of quinoa. I tend to just cook a big batch of it on Sunday then use it all week long in soups, for burgers, on salads, etc.

  5. Christine says:

    This is very helpful as I need some more healthy items in my pantry. I do keep almonds, syrup and honey on hand. I want to start using quinoa more. I know that is really good for you.

  6. Karin Rambo says:

    I like to always keep my own healthy spice mixes on hand.

  7. Katie Arnold says:

    Our pantries look very, very similar! I also always have canned fish on hand as it’s a quick and easy way to get in my protein!

  8. I love that you keep everything in jars! Do you make your own dry ingredients, like the flour?

  9. Susannah says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love the way you store all your staples! Makes me want to go out and buy some jars! <3

    • Thank you!! I love love love mason jars, and they’re so cheap when you buy them in bulk at Walmart. You can check out my Spring Cleaning post to see how I used jars to organize my pantry if you’re interested. :)

  10. I’m the same way with bread, especially at restaurants! Great list here.

  11. Bethany Magnie says:

    I’ve been organizing my kitchen lately and love how everything looks in mason jars like how you have them. Beautiful and convenient. So much easier to organize as well, this post is awesome!

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