10 Paleo Pumpkin Recipes to Try

10 paleo pumpkin recipes you NEED to try this fall! | read more at happilythehicks.com

Well friends, it’s here. 
Pumpkin season has finally arrived, and I’m PUMPED. 

Now that it’s officially October, and cooler temps are in the forecast (unless they decide to change over the next few days…), I’m ready to start making some of my favorite fall foods. And yes, they almost all include pumpkin. I don’t know what it is about that orange squash we love oh so much, but it’s definitely a favorite ingredient of mine to use this time of year! Every year I go a little #pumpkincrazy once October hits, and my sweet husband takes it in stride. Bless him. 

This year things are a little different, though. Since doing the Whole30 and realizing how much better I felt when sticking to a more paleo friendly diet, my recipes and meals have changed. Which also means that some of my favorite go-to pumpkin treats and meals are now not compatible with the dietary guidelines I follow. So I took to Pinterest and some of my favorite bloggers to gather up some Paleo Pumpkin recipes that you will L-O-V-E. 

I tried to find a good mixture of recipes. From some yummy pancakes and doughnuts, to slow cooker chicken and soup, this recipe roundup will definitely have you dreaming of pumpkin the rest of the day. The best part about these recipes is that they are all paleo, and depending on the ingredients used, Whole30 approved as well!  It doesn’t get much better than that. :)

Happy pumpkin-ing, friends!

Paleo Pumpkin Recipes to Try

1. Savory Pumpkin Soup from Grass Fed Girl
Um, hello fall flavors!  This soup is bursting with fall inspired seasoning, pureed pumpkin and yummy coconut milk. This would go so well with some turkey at Thanksgiving, or to warm you from the inside out when the temperatures start dropping. Yum!

2. Slow Cooker Paleo Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix from Cotter Crunch
Wow this looks incredible. I’m personally a huge fan of trail mix, and the minute I saw this recipe I was intrigued. Pumpkin spice? Slow cooker? Paleo? Count me in! I know if doesn’t have pumpkin *per se* in it, but the recipe calls for pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie spices, so I count it as a must-try for me! 

3. Easy Paleo Pumpkin Butter from Living Loving Paleo
First off, why have I not thought of making this before? I mean, I LOVE apple butter, and with how obsessed I am with pumpkin this time of year, I’m surprised I’ve never thought of making pumpkin butter before. Thank goodness for Kristen from Living Loving Paleo and this delicious recipe! I can’t wait to whip up a batch to eat with my apples for a morning snack, or to bring to our next church potluck. Yum!

4. Cinnamon Glazed Pumpkin Doughnuts by Strength and Sunshine
Why yes, you read that right… Paleo Doughnuts! When checking out the post I was so shocked with the *special ingredient* Rebecca used- pumpkin flour. Y’all, HOW did I not know about pumpkin flour before now?! I’m so excited and can’t wait to try some of my own. Hello pumpkin-y goodness 24/7!

5. Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bake by Wholesome Delicious 
Speaking of a delicious breakfast idea, how ’bout this breakfast bake? It’s Whole30 approved, and full of all the amazing flavors I love about fall: pumpkin (obvi), apples, pumpkin pie spice and yummy pecans. You betta believe I’m giving this a try for breakfast soon!

6. Pumpkin Pie Energy Bites by Paleo Grubs
I love me something easy to grab and go for snacks throughout the day, and these energy bites are right up my alley. It’s a great way to enjoy something sweet without any guilt, because they are also SO great for you! Count me in!

7. Soft and Grainless Pumpkin Spice Latte Cookies by Strength and Sunshine
Rachel hit it out of the park again with that awesome pumpkin flour, this time with some delicious looking cookies! I love that these are grain free, and helloooo PSL flavors. I’m drooling looking at the pictures, and can’t wait to give ’em a try. 

8. Flourless Pumpkin Pancakes by Leah’s Plate
If you know me, you know how much I love pancakes. This recipe screams all things fall, delicious and breakfast to me, and I betcha that pumpkin butter I mentioned earlier would be PERFECT on top of these bad boys. What do you think?

9. Slow Cooker Chipotle Pumpkin Chicken by Strength and Sunshine
I am totally digging this delicious twist on your typical slow cooker chicken, and I am already adding the recipe to next week’s menu. The combo of creamy pumpkin and chipotle and poblano peppers has my mouth-watering, and I know it will be a hit over here! Yum, yum, yum!

10. Pumpkin and Cauliflower Soup with Ginger by Salt and Lavender
Here’s another soup recipe that I’m sure you’re going to LOVE. It looks ah-ma-zing, and I love all the different veggies and herbs that are loaded up into this soup. I can’t wait to dig into a big bowl of this deliciousness!

And there you have it! 10 paleo pumpkin recipes you HAVE to try this fall. I can’t wait to hear which recipes you try first. 

Now it’s your turn to talk! Answer one of these questions in the comments below:
Which recipe do you want to try first?
Are you a big fan of pumpkin like I am?

10 paleo pumpkin recipes you NEED to try this fall! | read more at happilythehicks.com

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  1. Heather @FrenchPress says:

    SO much pumpkin goodness, that trail mix looks fantastic

  2. Babies to Bookworms says:

    I am all about breakfast foods, so I will have to try the pancakes and doughnuts first! These all sound awesome!

  3. C M says:

    Mmm…that slow cooker chicken recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Breanna Manson says:

    Mmmm I’m so glad it’s finally October and we can make pumpkin everything!

  5. Amanda Kanashiro says:

    I can’t wait to try some of these. I think I’ll go for the trailmix first.

  6. Ann says:

    These are some great recipes here. Cannot wait to try them .

  7. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen says:

    These are perfect for Fall! They all look amazing, especially the granola. I’m actually eating pumpkin spice granola as I type this. :)

  8. I love pumpkin!! and I am new to PALEO!! So this are just perfect recipes!! Thank you so much. Now, I know what to put in my shopping cart.

  9. Andrew says:

    Great content, informative and well written.

  10. Tray says:

    These pumpkin recipes are awesome! I’ll absolutely try these someday. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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