Off to Romania

Off to Romania |

I can’t believe this day has finally come! We are headed out this morning to Romania and I am so excited. We have been preparing for this day for months, and I am happy, nervous and a little bit scared now that it’s here. We have a very long day of travel ahead, and I am looking forward to the adventures we have in store. This trip is going to be hard, but I can’t wait to see what God is going to do this next week. 

How We Got Here

It has been a wonderful year for Isaac and me so far. God has definitely used our marriage to grow us and mold us to be more like Christ. We joined a church in Euless last year, where we have learned so much about being a part of the body of Christ, and how to share the gospel to those around us. Over the past few months, we began thinking and praying about going on a mission trip with our church. We feel like God has been leading us to go overseas to share His good news to people who desperately need Him.

After a lot of prayer and consideration, we felt called to go on a mission trip to Romania from July 29 – August 6 with two other couples from our church, Foundation Baptist Church. The state of Christianity in Romania is sad. Though most Romanians identify as Eastern Orthodox, it is more of a cultural identity, rather than an identity found in Jesus Christ. Because of this, Baptists and other Evangelical Christians are seen as a cult by most Romanians, and even face persecution from leaders of the Eastern Orthodox church.

What We’ll Do in Romania

Our main mission will be to give the 10 pastors and their families in the region of Alba Iulia a much needed break and instruction through a retreat in the mountains. At this retreat, Brian, Bryan, and Isaac will be teaching through 1 and 2 Timothy with the pastors. Kelli, Whitney and I will spend time with the wives and children, encouraging them and doing Bible studies with them. We will also spend a day in Alba, where the women will be helping with the only pro-life pregnancy center in the region (about half of all pregnancies in Romania end in abortion), and the men will be helping the pastors visit the local widows.


We ask for lots of prayer as we embark on this trip. We will come back next Saturday afternoon, so look forward to a post talking all about the trip in the coming weeks! Isaac and I are excited to see what God will teach us and show us as we travel across the world to share the love and truth of Christ to a lost nation.

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Off to Romania |

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  1. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    Have an amazing trip! I know you will be such a huge blessing. I’ll be praying for your team.

  2. Susannah says:

    Wow! Have an amazing trip! I pray the Lord uses you guys in some awesome ways!

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