My 3 Step Nighttime Skincare Routine

My Three Step Nighttime Skincare Routine |

I’ve been wearing makeup since I was about 15 years old. My mom brought me to the Clinique counter at a local department store, where I got a makeover and bought my first makeup ever. I felt so special, pretty and pampered. I loved how I looked in makeup and couldn’t wait to try my own hand at it. I was clueless when it came to applying things like foundation, eye shadow and (the hardest one) mascara. But, over time I learned how to sort of apply my new products, and loved having fun with them. I felt like such a grown up, and liked that I got so many compliments on my eyes when I wore it.

As I got older and my mom said I had to start buying my own makeup, I turned to Walmart for all my needs. They had lots of inexpensive brands (like e.l.f. and wet ‘n wild) so I was able to get all sorts of products in different colors for pennies. At that time I didn’t think of the difference in quality of the makeup I was wearing (because in my mind makeup was makeup) so I wore the cheapest stuff I could find. I was never super thrilled with how my makeup looked, and didn’t realize it was because when I bought cheaper products, the quality took a huge hit!
Through my college years I got lazier and lazier with my makeup. I never put on foundation, rarely used eye shadow, and just stuck to mascara and chapstick. (It was honestly for the best because I didn’t have money to buy any stuff, nor the time to spend in the mornings applying it!) But once again I found myself unhappy with what I was using, and hated that the skin on my face was either super dry and flaky or oily and gross. My makeup (when I did wear it) was… okay. And I just assumed “this is normal”. 

Turns out it’s not. ;)

My Three Step Nighttime Skincare Routine |

Little did I know that the minute I began investing in my makeup, taking care of my skin, and spending time learning how to use my makeup, everything changed. In January one of my best friends introduced me to LipSense and was immediately in love. Not only was it lip color that lasted HOURS, but I could tell there was a quality in those products that I was missing in what I was currently wearing. After signing up to become a distributor, I took advantage of my discount to start trying out some of the other products Senegence sells. Aaaaand now I’m hooked. 

Not only is the quality in the makeup I now wear unparalleled to what I used to wear, but their skin care products have completely changed my world. My face has never been so smooth or healthy looking. My hormonal acne is no longer a problem, and no more do I struggle with super dry or oily skin! I seriously wish I had seen the value in investing in my makeup years ago, but I’m glad I know now how much of a difference it makes.

For years my mom has told me to start taking care of my skin to help it stay healthy in the years to come, and that’s one of the reasons I decided to write today’s post. I want to encourage you to start valuing the skin and natural beauty God has given you and to take care of it! I am proud of the products I wear, because I know that I’m helping my skin become healthier, preventing wrinkles and repairing my damaged skin. And guys, all it takes is three easy steps in a simple nighttime skincare routine to start seeing incredible changes! 

My Three Step Nighttime Skincare Routine |

My 3 Step Nighttime Skincare Routine

Before I get into the details of my skincare routine, I want to talk about SenePlex Complex real quick! Most of the skincare products Senegence sells has this amazing formula in them that does some ah-ma-zing things to your skin. In short form, the SenePlex Compex contains active enzymes that work to eliminate dead skin and give you healthier cells underneath. Because of that, you have increased moisture, collagen synthesis, skin firmness and elasticity, skin luminosity, and less skin sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. Wow! It’s so cool, and I love that so many of their products has this anti-aging formula in them. 

Step 1: 3 in 1 Cleanser

First I remove all my makeup and wash my face with my 3 in 1 cleanser! 

Works to cleanse, tone and hydrate without drying out!
There are four different cleansers you can get depending on your skin type. From “Dry” to “Oily to Acne”, they have something for everyone! Each formula is made with that specific skin type in mind, using high quality ingredients to restore your skin’s pH while effectively removing dirt, oil and bacteria. I use the “Normal to Oily” because I have an oily T zone with occasional breakouts. 

My Three Step Nighttime Skincare Routine |

Step 2: Climate Control

I spritz two sprays of *activated* Climate Control in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together then apply it generously across my face.

Hydration in the purest form!
I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It is seriously so hydrating, and is even referred to as “miracle in a bottle” by many people. It’s formulated to help even the driest of skin to regain its moisture and healthy glow, and once it’s activated it’s always activated. This is also perfect for sunburns- it takes out the redness and gives your burned skin the moisture it needs to heal faster than ever.

My Three Step Nighttime Skincare Routine |

Step 3: SeneSerum C

I pump two pumps onto my finger tips, rub them together, then rub onto my face until the beads are broken down and rubbed in. 

Repair damaged skin cells while preventing further damage!
This stuff has a super high concentration of stabilized Vitamin C (hence the “C” in the name), which is used for collagen production and to help reverse cell damage. It helps create healthier, firmer and younger looking skin, and is so light it can be used day and night under your other moisturizers/foundation.

My Three Step Nighttime Skincare Routine |

Other products to consider:
Collagen Night Pak (an anti-aging sleep treatment to help seal in moisture while you sleep)
Polishing Exfoliator (polish away dry skin & impurities with natural exfoliants)
EyeCreme (oils and vitamins protect your skin and lessen fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes)
Dark Circle Under Eye Treatment (reduce the appearance of darkening and tighten loose skin around the eyes)
Evening Moisturizer (high concentration of SenePlex Complex for extra protection from free radicals during sleep)
Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer (minimizes pores, fills wrinkles and offers anti-aging protection- use alone or as a primer)

Check out the full catalog here.

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Now it’s your turn to talk! Answer one of these questions in the comments below:
Do you have a nighttime skincare routine?
Have you tried any of Senegence’s products?

My Three Step Nighttime Skincare Routine |

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  1. Camille Mola says:

    Awesome nighttime routine! The Climate Control looks like something I could definitely get into!

    My nighttime routine consists of a cleanser, toner and lots of moisturizing!

  2. Jen Verroi says:

    Such a good nighttime routine. I’m always trying out new things skincare wise – i need to give these products a try!

  3. David Jones says:

    Very wonderful and helpful information for me! Also one thing that I have been following from a very long time is using raw milk on my face before bed and keeping myself hydrated which is very helpful for me. Would love to try these products.Thanks!!!

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