Never Jump Onto a Bus, You Just Might Break a Bone


Yep, that’s right. I am currently laying back in a comfy chair, with my feet propped up and crutches by my side. I have never broken a bone before, so this is all a new experience for me… And one I hope passes quickly! I hate feeling useless and needy, but I know there’s nothing I can do about that right now. I know God allowed this to happen for a reason, and now I just need to remember that fact, approach this situation with a good attitude and know that whatever happens, He will still be glorified!

Now for the story: This all happened yesterday afternoon when I was headed to meet up with the other hands-on students and go up to the university. When the bus stopped at the bus stop, it was about a foot or so from the curb, so I lithely hopped on and immediately collapsed on the floor. At that moment, I thought I had just stepped wrong on my foot- which happens sometimes when I’m running- and was more worried about getting out of the people’s way behind me than what happened to me. As I stood up, though, a shooting pain raced up and down my right foot and it increased as I put pressure on it. Still thinking I had just stepped wrong, I thought “I’ll just walk it off. No big deal,” and slowly made my way to an empty space on the bus.
After a few moments, I started sweating (and I mean sweating), getting dizzy and queasy so I took off my sweater and concentrated on standing up straight and breathing in deeply. My foot was throbbing and I couldn’t put any pressure on it. I kept telling myself that I had just stepped on it wrong, that I would be okay and that the pain would eventually go away. But, after three bus stops, I realized that if I didn’t get off the bus right then that I would either throw up over everyone near me, pass out or both. The sense of claustrophobia had increased, I was starting to shake and my stomach was doing somersaults. So I painfully hobbled out the bus and set my sights on a bench right across the street. I walked on the heel of my right foot, and really started getting scared when I began seeing spots and my vision began to blur. Finally I made it to the bench and just sat there for a few minutes, tears streaming down my face as I breathed deeply and let the crisp fall air cool me off. That’s when I realized that I didn’t just step wrong on my foot and that I needed to go to the hospital. I ended up catching a taxi that brought me home (I think I made him a bit uncomfortable because I cried the whole ride) and was brought to the hospital by a sweet missionary friend of my family. I took some pictures of my foot before heading off to the hospital!

It turns out I had broken the fifth metatarsal bone in my right foot- the one that connects to the pinkie toe- clean through. When I go back for my doctor’s appointment next week I’ll be able to pick up my digital copy of my x-ray. It’s pretty cool! I’ll also find out then whether or not I am going to need surgery on my foot. I’m praying the boot will work its magic and my body will heal itself, but there is a possibility that it won’t work out that way.

So now I’m stuck with a broken foot, crutches for two weeks and a big change in plans. I hate that now the things I can do here are limited, that I won’t be able to walk as far (at least for the next few weeks) and I have to rely on other people to do things that this time yesterday I was able to do myself. Being away from my family is also tough, but I am so blessed to be staying with people as sweet and caring as the Cases. I know God will teach me a lot of things through this experience.
For example, Lesson #1: do not jump onto buses, no matter how agile you think you are.

My request is that you keep me in your prayers, that my foot will heal, and that God will be lifted up no matter what!

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