My Top Five Ab Workouts!

Spring break is just a hop, skip and a jump away… Okay not really. But it IS a week and a half away! Whoop. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for Spring Break before. Not because I’m going somewhere fun or exotic. Nor because I’m going on a mission trip or even somewhere besides college or home.

I’m excited for Spring Break because it means a whole WEEK away from work and school (besides the dreaded homework…). It means a whole week I get to see Isaac. And it means a whole week I can spend with my family, enjoying the soon-to-be warm weather (because at this moment, 50 degree weather just seems too cold).

However, just because I’m going home and not to a beach to bring in the best season ever, doesn’t mean I should slack on my working out! For that reason I’ve put together my five favorite ab-proved (haha… get it?) workouts to share with you! They are tried, tested and true… And usually leave my abs burning and sore.

Because let’s be honest. One of the best parts of working out is the sore feeling you have the next morning, knowing you gave it your all. Here’s an inspiring Pinterest picture to get you motivated!


Now for the workouts! I usually like to leave a day in between ab workouts (or any, for that matter) to let my body rest, recuperate and build muscle. And remember… Having a rocking core starts in the kitchen! So make sure you eat right, drink plenty of water and get those workouts in.

Ab-tastic Core Chanllenge

Burning Core Pyramid

Hard Core Abs

Lean & Powerful Core

Six Pack Abs

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