My Favorite Whole30 Recipes

ICYMI I just completed my January Whole30 and I’m still riding high. 
Something special about this round of Whole30 was that I shared literally everything I ate on my Instagram stories. Not only did it keep me super accountable to sticking to it, but I was able to show y’all what I ate day to day, and what Whole30 REALLY looks like in the life of a breastfeeding, on the go mama. 

While most of the time I felt like I was probably annoying all my followers with meal after meal documented, by the end of the thirty days, I actually had people messaging me and asking me if I was going to either save all my meals in a highlight reel, or write a blogpost about it. Since the highlight reel would literally be over 100 pictures long, I decided the best way to tackle this request was to gather all my favorite meals from January and share them here!
I’ve separated this post into three categories: Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner and Snacks. While snacks aren’t encouraged in the Whole30, I included them in mine because I am breastfeeding and wanted to make sure I was eating enough calories to still keep up my milk supply! 

Do you have some favorite Whole30 recipes? Let me know in the comments. I’m always up for trying yummy compliant meals! :)

My Favorite Whole30 Recipes


Scrambled eggs with roasted veggies
Cut up and toss your favorite veggies (like zucchini, squash, mushrooms, carrots and asparagus!) in a drizzle of olive oil. Season to your liking, then roast at 350 for 30 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender. Spoon into a bowl and top with freshly scrambled eggs and guacamole. 
Leftovers idea: make a One Pan Dinner and use those leftovers in lieu of the roasted veggies. Yum and easy!
You can also try the Taste of Fall Breakfast Bowl, which is de-li-cious. 

You'll love this Whole30 approved breakfast bowl that's bursting with flavor, veggies and protein! | read more at

Sausage, Mushroom and Onion Frittata
Find the recipe here

Sausage, Mushroom and Onion Frittata |

The Perfect Breakfast Frittata
Find the recipe here

The Perfect Breakfast Frittata (Whole30 approved!) |

Sweet Potato Avocado Egg “Toast”
Slice the sweet potato into 1/4 in thick slices. Oil a baking sheet, then distribute the slices evenly. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then bake at 375 for 20-30 minutes, flipping halfway through. The potatoes should be slightly browned and soft to eat. Top a few of the slices with guacamole/avocado, spinach, a fried egg and a drizzle of compliant ranch. 

Sweet Potato Avocado Egg "Toast" |

Sweet Potato Bowl
Wrap a medium sweet potato in foil, then bake at 375 until it’s soft when squeezed. Remove from foil and scrape the potato into a bowl. Crack an egg on top, and add a tablespoon of nut butter to the steaming potato, then stir to combine. The heat from the potato will cook the egg. Top with nuts, banana, chia seeds and cinnamon. 

Sweet Potato Bowl - Whole30 approved meals | read more at

Loaded Sweet Potato
Find the recipe here.
Use nut butter instead of peanut butter, and skip the drizzle of honey! You can also dust with cocoa powder for extra flavor!

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl |

Egg Muffins
Scramble 10 eggs and set aside. Finely dice your favorite veggies (like onion, mushrooms, zucchini and spinach). In a large skillet, heat some olive oil, then cook all the veggies (except for spinach if you’re using some) until tender. Add the spinach in the last minute to wilt it. Grease a muffin tin, then evenly divide the veggie mixture between the twelve spots. Pour the scrambled eggs into each spot. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes, or until the eggs are completely cooked. Enjoy with your favorite fruit and topped with guacamole or salsa. 

Egg muffins - Whole30 approved meals |



Whole30 Chicken Spaghetti (Squash)
Find the recipe here

Whole30 Chicken Spaghetti (Squash) |

One Pan Dinner
Find the recipe here. Also, leftovers are delicious for breakfast topped with some eggs! 

This One Pan Dinner is full of fall veggies, delicious chicken sausage and flavors that will have you begging for more! | read more at

Learn how to make an ah-ma-zing burger here. Place the burger on top of lettuce/spinach, then top the patty with sauteed mushrooms and onions, a fried egg and a drizzle of compliant ranch or ketchup. Pair with some roasted sweet potatoes and you have a killer dinner or lunch. 

Easy Chicken Meatballs and Zoodles
Find the recipe here.
Pair with crispy brussel sprouts (Cut the stem off each sprout, then cut them in half. Drizzle with olive oil, then roast at 375 until nice and crispy.)

Easy Chicken Meatballs and Zoodles |

Whole30 No Bean Chili
Find the recipe here
You can also bake a potato and scoop the chili on top for a yummy variation. 

You'll love this Whole30 approved no bean chili full of fresh veggies and lean protein! | read more at

Sausage Stir Fry
From the Complete Healthy Little Peach Guide
Leftovers are perfect for breakfast too!

Whole30 Zuppa Toscana
From Healthy Little Peach

Zuppa Toscana - Whole30 approved meals |

Turkey Taco Salad
Dice an onion and bell pepper. Saute in olive oil until fragrant and slightly tender (about 7-10 minutes). Add ground turkey and a can of diced tomatoes. Cook until the turkey is no longer pink. Season with compliant taco seasoning, reduce the heat, and simmer until most of the liquid is gone. Option: sprinkle with nutritional yeast.
Place your favorite greens in a bowl, then top with the turkey mixture, halved cherry tomatoes, guacamole and compliant salsa!

BBQ Chicken Baked Potato
Wrap a russet potato in foil, and bake at 375 until soft when squeezed. Shred cooked chicken (I cooked an entire chicken in my crockpot since I couldn’t find compliant rotisserie chicken) into a bowl, then add compliant BBQ sauce. My favorite was The New Primal Classic BBQ sauce. Top the baked potato with spinach, chicken and a drizzle of sauce. Pair with sautéed asparagus for a delicious dinner! 

BBQ Chicken Baked Potato - Whole30 approved meals | read more at

Chicken Stir Fry
Dice two chicken breasts and marinade in this stir fry sauce. In a large pan, sauté frozen stir fry veggies (I love the big bag from Costco) in some olive oil until mostly tender. Add the chicken (with all the sauce), and continue cooking until it is no longer pink. Meanwhile cook some cauliflower rice until tender. Crack two eggs into the pan and scramble into the rice. Season with coconut aminos, salt and pepper. Top the rice with the stir fry mixture!

Creamy Lemon Chicken Skillet
From Healthy Little Peach

Creamy Sausage Soup
From Healthy Little Peach

Creamy Sausage Soup - Whole30 approved meals | read more at

Whole30 Beef Stroganoff
Recipe coming to the blog soon!

Whole30 Beef Stroganoff - Whole30 approved meals | read more at

Chicken and Cauliflower Rice Casserole
From Danielle Walker’s Cookbook. 


Fruit with nut butter
Cut up an apple/banana/strawberries and dip in nut butter (my favorite is cashew butter or Nutzo butter from Costco). 

Smoothie bowl
Blend together frozen fruit with a little bit of almond milk, nut butter and collagen peptides (for protein). Top with sliced banana, nuts and chia seeds. 

100 Calorie Nut Packs
It’s SO easy to eat way too many nuts in one sitting, so having a prepackaged amount was perfect, easy to grab and go, and so convenient. 

Egg Muffins
These breakfast staples also make the best snacks!

Eggs with Avocado
Pretty self explanatory…

While I know I had a LOT more in January than what I mentioned here, I feel like this list really sums up all my favorite foods from my recent Whole30. And my goal is to continue adding on as I complete more rounds in the future to not only help YOU, but to keep a good index of compliant meals for those days when I need some inspiration. 

Have some Whole30 recipes you LOVE? Let me know what it is in the comments. I’m always excited to try new recipes! :)

Whole30 approved meals |

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