Los Andes and Los Buenos Muchachos

It’s been a fun and busy past two days! On Saturday I headed up to Los Andes, a town about an hour or so north of Santiago.There is a girl’s home for girls who have been abused, maltreated or who cannot be cared for by their families that we work with every weekend. On Saturdays the girls come up to the church we are partnered with and we hold English classes, have a short Bible study/discussion time and a craft time.

This week, though, we had a farewell party for the three hands-on students who will be leaving Chile on Tuesday. We held a talent show where the girls and anyone else who wanted to join in could sing, dance, etc. It was a lot of fun, and we all really enjoyed ourselves! Next weekend I plan on going up there again.

Talent Show Church IMG_5500

Last night we went to Los Buenos Muchachos, a Chilean restaurant that serves asado (grilled beef and pork) and also has a show where they danceĀ the regional dances from the different areas in Chile. They also have volunteers come up and dance with them, which was my favorite part! I couldn’t participate because (luckily) I have a broken foot… Oh well!!

The first dance was from the Northern part of Chile.

Baile del Norte

The second was from Chiloe, an island off the coast of Chile.

Baile de Chiloe

Then they danced the Cueca, Chile’s national dance. They also had a lot of people (especially from our group) come up and dance with them!

Cueca Cueca volunteers

Then they spentĀ a long time dedicated to Easter Island.

Baile Isla de Pascua

Here’s the whole group!


After the official show, we had a surprise performance by a Chilean Mariachi band! They were so good, and the table beside us sang to all their songs, which made it that much more fun!


Today I’m off to work with the kids again, so please keep us and these first and second graders in your prayers!

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