LipSense Review – Say Goodbye to Your Chapstick!

You will love this amazing lip product. No longer do you need to rely on your chapstick to give you the soft, beautiful lips that you are looking for! LipSense Review | read more at

I have never claimed to be a beauty blogger, nor do I believe to be one now. In fact, it takes me a grand total of 2 minutes to put on my makeup every morning. Foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and I’m out. I’m not educated on all the different brands of makeup out there, nor do I care to be, so when I tell you that I L-O-V-E LipSense, I’m not kidding! I have been an avid user of different types of chapsticks over the course of my life (and I mean avid), and I’ve even tried a few types of lipsticks, but I’ve never tried a product as amazing as LipSense. It has been a complete game changer, and my lips have never felt softer (or looked any better!). 

You will love this amazing lip product. No longer do you need to rely on your chapstick to give you the soft, beautiful lips that you are looking for! LipSense Review | read more at

One of my best friends, Jordan, became a distributor in January. When she started telling me about LipSense, and how long her color lasted (I’m talking 12+ hours y’all!), I was sold. One of my biggest complaints about the lipsticks I had tried in the past is that they color would fade after just a few hours, and it would leave my lips feeling weird and dry. I was also getting tired of never having the moisturized lips that I wanted. No matter how much chapstick I put on, my lips would always end up feeling just as dry by the end of the day, resulting in me using even more chapstick. Anyone else have that same problem?

From the first few days of using LipSense, I was hooked. I was head over heels for the way my lips looked (especially since I don’t look quite as much like a 16 year old now), and I love love love the glossy gloss you put on top of the color. I know I’m never going back! In fact, I loved it so much I decided to become a distributor myself, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. This stuff is amazing, y’all! 

You will love this amazing lip product. No longer do you need to rely on your chapstick to give you the soft, beautiful lips that you are looking for! LipSense Review | read more at

What is LipSense?

LipSense is a product created by the cosmetic company SeneGence that is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off! It’s made with SD Alcohol 4, which is one of the key ingredients in making LipSense so amazing. It helps in the application of the color by creating a thin layer that you smooth over your lips, and it clears out the dead skin that has accumulated due to wax buildup over time. LipSense is also a non-wax liquid color that uses pigments to create the colors, and tiny particles that help the color molecularly bond to your lips. 

Long story short: LipSense has been scientifically developed to stay on and keep your lips happy and healthy. 

How do I apply LipSense?

I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous the first time I used LipSense. The entire time I wondered if I was doing it right, and it took some practice to nail it down. Now I don’t even  have to think about it, and my color lasts all day without having to reapply. Amazing, right?

  1. Start with clean, dry lips. I like to use a sugar scrub on my lips to exfoliate and clean before applying LipSense. 
  2. Shake the color tube for 10 seconds. 
  3. Remove any excess color from the applicator, and brush a thin layer of color on your lips. *Do not go back and forth with the applicator. Just swipe in one direction and you’re good to go*
  4. Let that layer dry (I usually give it about 5-10 seconds, just to be safe), then add a second layer. 
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until you have three even layers of color on your lips. 
  6. Allow the color to dry completely (I wait about a minute), then brush on the gloss. 
  7. Reapply your gloss throughout the day as needed. I usually do it every 3-4 hours.
  8. To remove, use the Oops! Remover, or an oil based makeup remover product. Coconut oil works well too! 

What if my lips feel dry?

Saying good bye to my chapstick was SO HARD. I loved them, and had never been without them. But that was before I met my new best friend: Glossy Gloss. It has been specially designed to provide your lips with the moisture they need, and is made with Shea butter, Vitamin E, and other natural ingredients. It also helps increase the longevity of the lip color, and who doesn’t want that?
I apply my glossy gloss every few hours, and always before I eat. Some foods will actually break down the color as you eat, but the gloss provides a barrier on your lips to prevent that from happening. Plus, you look like a rock star while eating.
 You will love this amazing lip product. No longer do you need to rely on your chapstick to give you the soft, beautiful lips that you are looking for! LipSense Review | read more at

What’s the cost?

Yes, it might seem like a lot at the beginning, but it is worth the investment! Each tube of LipSense actually lasts 4-6 months, and is the equivalent of 4 tubes of lipstick. How ’bout them apples?

Starter Pack: $55 (comes with a color of your choice, Glossy Gloss and the Oops Remover)
Color: $25
Gloss: $20
Oops Remover: $10

Tips and Tricks

I’ve only been using LipSense for a few weeks now, but I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way. 

Don’t be afraid of The Tingle. I still experience a slight tingling feeling in my lips when I apply my color. This is the cosmetic grade SD 40 alcohol evaporating off your lips and leaving the color behind. It should go away after a while. 

The Exfoliation Process. Y’all I had this big time. My addiction to chapsticks left a bunch of dead skin from the wax build up in my lips that my LipSense had to get rid of. When it does that, your lips experience a major exfoliation process that leaves them feeling kinda… funky. The color also flaked off with my lips, and I was scared I had been applying my color wrong. But, as the ever wise Jordan told me to do, I simply continued using LipSense, and now my lips are softer than ever. The flaking and peeling of my lips was a pain, but now I don’t have to worry about it!
If you experience this the first time you try LipSense, don’t worry! Just stick with the products (do NOT go back to your chapstick) and it will soon pass. 

You will love this amazing lip product. No longer do you need to rely on your chapstick to give you the soft, beautiful lips that you are looking for! LipSense Review | read more at

Go for thin. I try to remove most of the excess lip color from the applicator before applying it to my lips. This ensures that my color is even, and it doesn’t clump up or look patchy afterwards. It also helps your color stay on longer! 

Exfoliate your lips. Even though the LipSense exfoliates your lips at the beginning, it’s important to keep it up on your own. I love using some sugar scrub in the mornings before applying my color for the day, because it removes any dead skin that may have accumulated over the course of the night. Plus the sugar scrub tastes quite yummy!

Mix and match colors. One of my favorite things about LipSense is that you can mix and match your colors as you wish. Even though I have three colors right now, I can create all sorts of different shades depending on which ones I decide to use for the day. In the pictures in this post, I applied 2 layers of Sheer Berry and 1 layer of Aussie Rose. So fun! 

Final Thoughts

I cannot recommend this product enough. If you are a teacher like me, who ain’t got time to reapply and reapply your lipstick color, in the corporate world, or a mom who just wants to give her baby some lovin’ without leaving a lipstick mark, then you will absolutely love this product. It was a little hard to apply at first, but it gets easier over time. There are SO many different shades you can try, and they are constantly coming out with more and more (like their new Diamond Collection!). I have never been happier with how my lips look and feel, and I can’t wait to try more of their products. 

You will love this amazing lip product. No longer do you need to rely on your chapstick to give you the soft, beautiful lips that you are looking for! LipSense Review | read more at

I’m leaving you today with my Three Commandments of LipSense:
1. Apply (and reapply) your gloss
2. Thinner layers is better
3. Don’t be afraid to try something new! 

If you’re interested in this product, and are looking for more information (or an amazing distributor), then check out my Facebook Group, Smiles in the South. I’d love to see you there, and please come and join in on the fun! 

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Now it’s your turn to talk! Answer one of these questions in the comments below:
Have you ever tried (or even heard of) LipSense before?
What does your makeup routine look like?

You will love this amazing lip product. No longer do you need to rely on your chapstick to give you the soft, beautiful lips that you are looking for! LipSense Review | read more at

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  1. Candy Kage says:

    So funny I find your post about lip sense. Friend was telling me last night about how she wanted to try out lipsense. Something new she found and had heard great reviews about the products.

    • It’s seriously SO amazing, Candy! I became a distributor because I love this stuff so much. You and your friend should definitely give it a try. If you’re interested in it, let me know :) I’d love to hook you up with some… It’s going to be your new favorite thing!

  2. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    My mom sells it now and was mad at me that I’ve known about it for over a year and didn’t tell her. I still have never used it, because like you, am not a lipstick person. Maybe I’ll give it a try now.

    • Yes! Jessica, you will LOVE IT. In fact, I became a distributor because it’s just that awesome. I NEVER thought I’d be a lipstick person, but now I can’t imagine going without it. I love the way it brightens my face, and it’s so fun playing with the different colors.

  3. Leah Caraher says:

    Wow! I have been hearing about LipSense all over but I am not a makeup girl so I didn’t think it was for me. This sounds great though!! I love that you have the all day wear without the drying out.

    • I’m honestly not much of a makeup girl either, but this stuff has changed everything. A little bit of color on my lips and my entire face brightens up. It’s amazing, and SO FUN. You should seriously give LipSense a try! I just became a distributor, and if you’re interested in it, let me know. I’ll hook you up, Leah <3

  4. Jessica Jade says:

    Always, always looking for a lipstick that will last and is natural! I need to look into these ASAP. It looks soooo pretty on you.

    • Yes!! Jessica, this is the stuff for you. It lasts ALL day, and I don’t even have to think about it once I’ve put it on. I just became a distributor in case you’re interested in trying it out. You’ll never go back to regular lipstick, that’s for sure. <3

  5. Oh man, I love the whole idea of this! My lips are weird so lipstick just doesn’t work for me but I love having a lipstick that helps me!

  6. Sophia says:

    What a really pretty color I love trying new lip colors out

  7. Leah says:

    I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

    • That was one of my hang-ups at the beginning too, but it’s seriously worth it. Not only do you get 4 tubes worth of lipstick in one bottle of LipSense, but the sheer fact that it lasts ALL DAY without coming off makes it worth every penny.

  8. My Thrifty Mom says:

    You know this product is really good, a friend of mine use this all the time.

  9. First of all, I love your outfit! Secondly, the LipSense looks so good on you! It’s so pretty and natural.

  10. Neely says:

    Everyone seems to LOVE this so maybe ill try it out!

  11. Stephanay Jnote says:

    That hat is so cute on you. Great choice of lip stick to try. I want to get one that lasts a long time and looks good on me. You look so cute.

    • Aww thanks Stephanay! I love wearing hats, and need to wear them more often. They are so fun!
      And if you’re looking for a lipstick that lasts a long time, then this is what you need. They have 80 shades of color, and I know you’d be able to find the perfect one for you, no problem! Let me know if you’re interested… I became a distributor and would love to work with you!

  12. JamieSplendry says:

    Love Lipsense, I need to get more shades! Love this review!

  13. I’ve always wondered about this brand! Everyone who tries it gets hooked!

  14. Sandi Fangman says:

    One of my good friends just opened my eyes to Lipsense, my first color is in the mail!!! So excited to see what the craze is all about!!! Ps love your blog – such relevant content!

  15. I’ve heard good/bad things about Lipsense! Mostly good tho.

    Alix |

  16. Erica says:

    OK I did not realize that the tingle was actually part of the exfoliation process…I didn’t know they scientifically exfoliated!! That’s EPIC!

    Coming Up Roses

  17. Definitely!! LipSense is right up your alley. I promise my lips have never been softer or felt so hydrated before… It’s worth every penny! I actually became a distributor because I love it so much, and if you’re interested, you should let me know. I’ll hook you up, Michelle! <3

  18. Jess Fortier says:

    If you have to keep reapplying the gloss every 3-4 hours how is that any different than having to reapply other types of lip products every 3-4 hours…? lip balm or lip stick? And how does it compare side-by-side to something like Revlon Colorstay which is also an apply-then-gloss sort of product but which costs less than a quarter of the price and can be found in drug stores? Did I miss something?

  19. Katelyn Kooiman says:

    Just bought my first kit of lipsense a little over a week ago! My first color was Caramel Apple and it’s very pretty! Then I turned right around and bought Pomegranate and the balm. The balm is AMAZING.

    My makeup routine is eyebrows, eyeliner, shadow, and of course, lipsense! I don’t REALLY need foundation most of the time, which is pretty fab. :)

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