Laptop Lunches Week 2

I am still LOVING my Laptop Lunchbox and I love that my classmates and co-workers make me tell them what each section holds every day. I find it so funny!

Here are my lunchbox meals from this week… They were filling, yet light and healthy at the same time. I also love adding yogurt in with my meals in order to help meet my calcium and dairy needs for the day. I get the CARBmaster yogurt from Kroger; there are so many fun and tasty flavors, like banana cream pie, pumpkin pie, spiced carrot cake and strawberry banana. Adding fruit gives the yogurt some extra texture and punch of flavor!

Another key to making my lunches is trying to find a good balance between the vegetables and fruit I eat. If left to my own devices, I would eat fruit all day every day. I love the sweetness and freshness of fruit, especially during the spring and summer. So sometimes it can be a challenge to get the amount of vegetables I need, which is why I “sneak” them in by adding lettuce and kale to my sandwiches and wraps, having carrots with my fruit and making tasty salads with healthy toppings, like a hard boiled egg or yogurt based dressings like my favorite, OPA! by Lighthouse™.

I added the links to the recipes I used for the sweet potato fries and zucchini pizzas, both from a blog called Undressed Skeleton. Her recipes, fitness tips and passion for being healthy are part of what inspired me to make my move towards a more healthy lifestyle!

 Recipe for sweet potato fries

Recipe for zucchini pizza

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