Laptop Lunches Week 1

I recently purchased a Laptop Lunch Bento Box and am loving it! I know the name may sound like gibberish if you know what it is! At least that’s what I thought before I really looked into them, but stick with me on this one. They are great!

Laptop Lunches are these awesome lunch boxes that are not only eco-friendly, but allow you to pack nutritious and portion-controlled meals. I got it because two days a week this semester I have class from 8-1:50 straight and then go off to work, so bringing a lunch with me helps ward off the hungry-tummy-jitters. I also felt bad for all of the plastic bags I was going through to bring my fruit, snack, sandwich, etc. with me to class every day.

So basically, when I cam across these bento-ware lunchboxes, I was ALL over it. And still am! They are so cute and colorful; I’ve gotten many compliments every time I’ve brought my lunch to class or work. I also like that it’s dishwasher safe (not that that means anything right now because I hand-wash all of my dishes!), but is something nice to know when I have to take my lunches to school when I become a teacher!… And hopefully live in a house or apartment that has a dishwasher.

My favorite part of the lunchbox is that each container represents a different measuring size and goes along with the “Choose My Plate” portion sizes (thanks Mrs. Obama!). I got this picture from the Laptop Lunches website.

Here are the lunches I ate this week in my new super cool lunchbox! And I’m sorry all I ate were wraps this week. I ran out of sandwich bread, but had a ton of tortillas so I decided to just use those instead!

This one had a vegetable (cooked bell peppers and squash) and sliced chicken wrap, Fit & Light Greek yogurt with blueberries, air popped popcorn, exotic blend chips, and carrots and cucumber with some PB2 yogurt dip.

I was hungry when I made this lunch! I made a big, roasted turkey Caesar salad wrap, air popped popcorn, grapes, apples and Fit & Light Greek yogurt with blueberries.


This was my favorite lunch this week. I had another vegetable and sliced chicken wrap (this time with some cheddar cheese), a hard boiled egg, zucchini and carrots with PB2 Greek yogurt dip, a banana and one of my yummy Nutty for You Granola Bars!!


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