James Richard | 4 Month Update

This past month has been challenging but also SO rewarding. I shared a bit about the struggles I’ve been having (read about that here), and even though it’s been hard, there has still been so much good that’s happened this month! James is getting so big and I love how much he interacts with us now. He loves following us around the room, swatting at and grabbing his toys, pulling on Isaac’s beard, and touching us when we are sitting close to him. My favorite thing, though, is the way he smiles at me when I come home from working out or running errands. And when he excitedly spit out his pacifier last night and started waving his hands when Isaac walked through the door. Our little boy sure does love his momma and dada. 

We had a pretty rocky start to the month when the 4 month regression hit full force. One night he decided sleeping was just not his thing, and that lasted for about three straight weeks. He was up multiple times a night, and completely refused to nap during the day. That made for a grumpy, stressed out mom and some pretty long days. Thankfully this week has been a lot better, and we’re catching up on the sleep we missed. And when James gets his rest he is the sweetest baby EVER. I mean, he’s always sweet, but he’s extra adorable when he’s well rested. 

And I’m sure there are lots of other moms out there saying amen to that one about their own babies. ;)

James Richard | 4 Month Update

James started the month off celebrating his first Thanksgiving with us. It was so much fun sharing some of my favorite traditions with him. 
Like food comas after dinner…

Our annual Campbell Family Turkey Trot… 

Decorating the Christmas tree with my family… 

And visiting Johnson City the weekend after Thanksgiving.

We also had family pictures taken with both sides of the family!

James is SO adorable when he sleeps. He’s always like having his hands behind his head, and lately he’ll keep one arm behind his head even while playing with his activity center. #sochill

He is starting to show signs of wanting to roll over, but we’re not quite there yet. Someday soon, though! And then gone will be the days of setting him down and knowing he won’t leave that spot. 

James continues to love sucking on his fingers (cuz who needs a paci, right?!) and oh my gosh could he be any cuter?

Oh wait he can be… Look at those crossed ankles. 

And speaking of chill baby, his favorite place to hang out lately (when he’s not being held) is under the Christmas tree. I’m so proud! 

We love going up to the birthing center for play dates with other mommas. James is the only boy in the group and has become quite the ladies man. 

Currently he is all about spitting. Last month he was fake sneezing left and right and this month he has decided that all the extra spit in his mouth from the beginnings of teething is meant to be spit at people around him. And it’s freaking adorable. Especially when he does it with his fingers in his mouth! 

Last week we hosted our first party post baby and it was so much fun! Shoutout to my sweet sister who helped so much. Our 2nd Annual Friendsgivemas Party wouldn’t have been a success if it weren’t for her. 

Our BFFs from Oregon came to visit and we LOVED getting to catch up with Aunt Boo and Tommie Grace. We already miss them and can’t wait for our next Oregon trip in the spring! 

And my favorite thing this month? Getting to decorate our Christmas tree with Isaac and James. These are memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. 

Happy four months of life, sweet boy! We love you oh so much. 

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