It Is Well With My Soul

October 28, 2016

  1. I remember my band director explaining this song when we were learning to play it. I’ve always wondered if I could be that strong if faced with the sort of tragedy the songwriter was dealing with. I’ve certainly had tragedy and disappointment but nothing to that level. Glad you are finding strength in Him. Love your painting!

  2. Sandra Zimmerman says:

    This song has always been an inspiration to me as well. At a time when we nearly “lost” a child to CPS, this song came to mean even more to me. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    Love this song. It’s always been one of my favorite hymns. Beautiful painting (as always).

  4. Sarah Jean says:

    Becca, what a beautiful post. I am so sorry you and your family have been going through tough times. I love your response to it all though. “It Is Well” has always been one of my and my mom’s favorite hymns as well. And I love that printable so much! Going to save that for sure!

  5. Candy Kage says:

    It is well I really enjoyed reading your post this morning. Yes It is Well.

  6. Kim Reed says:

    And how do you know God is good? When you wake up with anxiety, and you find this post first thing. It is well. I need to remember that today and always. Thank you!

  7. Ayanna says:

    Amazing! I had no idea who wrote that song or why, but listening to it as a way of just touching you on such a deep level. I have had some times in my life where I have experiences Philippians 4:7 first hand and there is nothing like. Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

  8. Amanda Jo says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing the history of that song. Love you, dear friend. I’m praying for you.

  9. Mamaguru says:

    I’ve never heard of that hymn, but I really like the words. The songs I grew up with in church still echo in my heart too. I wish you good times ahead.

  10. I’d heard the story of that song before, and it makes it even more beautiful.

  11. Yes! My pastor shared this story before! So amazing! Thanks for this beautiful post!

  12. Thank you, Jessica! Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Thank you Erica!! You are so sweet.

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