Homemade Sugar Scrub DIY

February 17, 2017

  1. Kirstin Morabito says:

    These looks great! I think this would also be a great gift for some ladies!

  2. Candy Kage says:

    I was looking for an idea for our young women from the church to make and enjoy. They are all into makeup and these scrubs would be perfect.

  3. Ooh the coconut vanilla one is one I want to make!!

  4. This is so easy! I feel bad for buying it now.

  5. Jackie says:

    I love making my own sugar scrubs! Coffee and coconut are my favorites!

  6. ThrivingGirl says:

    Years ago, sugar saved me from a horrible bout of adult acne. However, I never tho thought to add coconut oil or other things. I can’t wait to try! Plus, I see coffee will work too??? So, trying that one as well! Thanks!

  7. Totally pinning this. I’ve been entertaining doing a scrub for a long time but have yet to do so. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  8. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    So fun!! I pinned this because they all sound so wonderful. Your photos look SO GOOD, girl!

  9. I love sugar scrubs and would definitely try some of these out! Pinned to return to later. :)

  10. Leah says:

    Love this! Pinning to my natural beauty board.

  11. Hanna J Smith says:

    I LOVE Sugar Scrubs! I make a grapefruit one and an oil cleansing one for my face! The coconut and orange sound great though!

  12. Sophia Reed says:

    I have been seeing this every where I really need to try it.

  13. KenyaRae says:

    I love scrubs and they can be so expensive in store. I said i was gonna start making some so this is right on time. I will be pinning this to come back to!

  14. Oh, I’m making these! I don’t use essential oils but I have the other stuff so I’m making at least one of these tonight. I ran out of sugar scrub and never bothered to make my own but that’s so simple.

  15. How cool! I’ve always wanted to make one of these!

  16. Bailey says:

    I can’t wait to try to coconut one! Sugar scrubs are my favorite.

  17. Ooo, I love sugar scrubs! The coconut vanilla one sounds amazing.

  18. GLADYS RIOS says:

    i am obsessed with sugar scrubs!! coffee, coconut oil…these are awesome recipes. I will definitely be giving them a try ♥

  19. Jewels Rhode says:

    I’ve never tried sugar scrubs before! But I have the majority of these ingredients in my house. Sounds like a nice weekend project for me.

  20. JamesAnna Williams says:

    I have never tried making sugar scrubs before, this is awesome. The ingredients are simple and I already have most of them on hand. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  21. i am so excited to try that latte scrub. i have never made one at home and will occasionally only try scrubs at home. thank you for listening all the benefits.

  22. Charlotte says:

    I have a lip scrub from Lush that I absolutely LOVE but I never thought to make my own–love that they’re so exfoliating, but more importantly, safe for sensitive skin (which is something I always struggle with!). Thanks so much for sharing!! These all sound delicious :)

  23. Jennifer says:

    I use a scrub that is basically just the brown sugar and coconut oil… I’m so excited to add these ingredients! All of them sound amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  24. Chelsea-Catherine Cobb Croom says:

    I love using sugar scrubs, too! I haven’t ever made my own! I bet they smell so good!

  25. Kelsey says:


    I LOVE sugar scrubs! I usually buy them, but you have made me want to try to diy them! The coconut vanilla scrub has my name all over it!

    Loved this!



  26. I love sugar scrubs and these are all awesome scent combos! I Cant wait to try some!!

  27. Annie Marie says:

    I love love love sugar scrubs and they make the perfect gift. I’m definitely going to make these soon :)

  28. heatherfearnside says:

    Have been looking for a sugar scrub recipe and these look amazing and oh so easy…thanks…. just wondering how long they last…like does the sugar ever end up dissolving into the coconut oil?

    • I’m so glad you like the recipe! To answer your question, no the sugar doesn’t dissolve into the oil. I have some that’s about 6 months old and it’s the same texture as the day I made it! :)

  29. ki says:

    can you use instant coffee for the vanilla latte one ?

  30. Cristina says:

    Do you know what the shelf life is for these scrubs?

  31. Lerinda swan says:

    How many jars does one recipe yield?

  32. Stephanie says:

    Are you melting the coconut oil first?

  33. Peggy Guerin says:

    I recognize that this original posting is now 3 years old, but I still have a question. Your recipes are super! I want to expand to include more floral/herbal essential oils. They always “fight” with the overwhelming aroma of unrefined coconut oil. How can I work around this without having to resort to refined coconut oil? I hate to lose the beneficial properties of the unrefined oil. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

    • Oh goodness… I don’t know. You could try adding a few more drops of the oils to see if that helps! But I know what you mean – it has a very specific smell. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  34. Donna says:

    How much does one recipe make? And what size of container did it fit in? Thanks

  35. Holly says:

    How long are these good for ?

  36. Bonnye says:

    How do you store the sugar scrub and how long is it good for?

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