Here’s to Forever

Wow! I can’t believe how fast time is flying. I could have sworn I still had the whole summer ahead of me, but next week I begin new-hire training and in-service for my first year as a teacher! Even though this summer feels like it’s come and gone within a blink of an eye, it was still amazing. I got to work as a sub in a private school and day care, where I loved on some of the sweetest kids and worked with some amazing ladies. I also moved into my first apartment and had a little too much fun decorating it and getting everything in its place. And best of all, I married my best friend.

Two and a half weeks ago Isaac and I were married in my home church by my dad. I remember walking down the aisle, looking in love and amazement at the people who came to one of the most important events of my life. I saw friends I hadn’t seen in ages, people I grew up with, family members that traveled across states to see me and my mom smiling with pride, tears in her eyes. On the altar, Isaac and I shared some special moments together where we promised to be faithful to each other and to never give up on the commitment we were making. I promised him that I would serve him, love him, cherish him and follow his leadership, as we grow more like Christ each day. He promised me to serve me, cherish me, lead me and love me just as Christ loves the church. We gave each other rings to symbolize our promises. And along with our families we put flowers on a wooden cross, to symbolize the unity we have through marriage, as well as the unity we have through Christ. We put flowers on the cross because through Jesus’ sacrifice, He took something ugly, demeaning and torturous and turned it into something beautiful and full of hope. Then we shared our first kiss as husband and wife and I teared up as my dad introduced us for the first time as “Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Allen Hicks”. As we walked down the aisle, Isaac spun me around and I laughed, because finally, after more than 4 ½ years we were husband and wife.

The reception is all a blur to me. Bits and pieces stick out in my mind, like mine and Isaac’s first dance, crying when I danced with my dad, seeing friends and family I hadn’t seen in years and taking time to have fun in the photo booth. I remember talking to a LOT of people, not eating a bite of any of my food, having Jell-O legs by the time we left, and the quiet, peaceful ride away from the barn. I had an amazing time and left knowing that all the stress, tears and sweat these past nine (long) months had been worth it.

It’s crazy how my memories of the wedding and reception feel like a dream. I vividly remember it all, but it’s hard to believe that it actually happened and that I no longer have a wedding to plan. I hate to admit it, but I have had some minor panic attacks the past few weeks when I think “oh my gosh I have to work on wedding stuff!!” only to remember that I no longer have to worry about any of that! I didn’t realize how stressed I was about the wedding until it was all over.
I do know, though, that none of my hard work would have come together if it weren’t for the hard work of mine and Isaac’s families and friends. They were there the morning of the wedding when I had a breakdown because I forgot we needed ice and lemons for the water. They were there to spend countless hours cutting wood slices for the tables and lighting a few too many tea lights. They were the ones who moved all of the tables, made the centerpieces look perfect and arranged (and rearranged) things without one complaint. They were the ones who calmed me before the ceremony, got me water and made sure I was eating. They were there to make sure everything was cleaned up and back in place even though they were just as tired as Isaac and I were. And they were the ones who made my dream wedding come true. I know I can’t thank them enough for the work, time and effort each one of them put into the wedding. Isaac and I are so blessed to have such amazing, selfless, hardworking people in our lives! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

So here’s to starting a new adventure together, to living a life full of grace and mercy and being constant examples of Christ and the Church. Here’s to making mistakes, growing together and an unconditional commitment. Here’s to forever.11017512_10154097853069240_4347266785744822082_o

Some shout outs… Thank you for your excellent work!
Hair and makeup: Morgan Kelso
Photography: Ashley Wright Photography and Aliesha Schulze Photography
Dress: Gwen Campbell (my aunt)

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