Hello 2016!

happy new yearThe Christmas decorations are put away, I’ve burned through my holiday candles and we’re back to normal life. I can’t believe the holiday season is already over! It really flew by fast this year, but I loved every minute of it. I know my favorite part of it was being able to spend it with Isaac- we had so much fun together and I love that I get to spend every Christmas with him from now on!

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to focus on the new year that’s started. I actually love the beginning of a new year because it’s like starting over with a clean slate. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy making new years resolutions. You get to make goals for the year and challenge yourself to do things you may not have done before. This year Isaac and I decided to make some resolutions together. I’m excited because we can hold each other accountable and encourage the other to stick to them!

Read through the Bible in a year

This is something our pastor has challenged our church to do and we are so excited! We decided to read the chapters together as much as possible and I have started to look forward to it every night. I’ve tried reading through the Bible a couple of times in the past and after a few weeks or months I couldn’t keep it up.  Now, with Isaac doing it with me, I think I can finally do it!

Work out at least 5 times a week

We love being active together, and this is a challenge to get out and run, hike, bicycle, rock climb… you name it! We have some fun things planned for this year (like a half marathon in March and possibly going ultra light backpacking in Colorado for our anniversary) and I hope to be in the best shape ever this year.

Try a different type of food every month

Isaac loves going to new places and trying different foods. Me… not so much. I like to order what I know I’ll enjoy and going somewhere new is hard for me. He has encouraged (more like gently forced…) me to branch out a couple of times since we’ve been married and I actually liked the food we tried. So now we plan on going to a new place every month. Some places on the list so far are a Pakistani place near our apartment and maybe some Thai or Vietnamese. Wish me luck!

Happy new year!! happily the hicks

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