Healthy Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

September 14, 2016

  1. These are fabulous. Breakfast is tough – especially coming up with HEALTHY breakfast. Thanks for these ideas.

    the How-to Guru

  2. Julie Mason says:

    I do a couple of these already. Will have to try the rest.

  3. Candy Kage says:

    You mean there is more than just plain toast, love these ideas.

  4. Maria says:

    Thank you for these great ideas! I’m always looking for easy, healthy breakfast ideas. Tell me about the avocado and strawberry … is it really good?!

  5. Susie Liberatore says:

    I am so glad that you posted this, I need this!

  6. These look super tasty! I would put them on sweet potato “toast”!

  7. Tanea says:

    These are so simple but they look so good! I LOVE avocado. I’ll be trying a few of these. Thanks :)

  8. Mai Lyn Ngo says:

    You had me at prosciutto. lol Definitely sharing!

  9. I love avocado and how healthy it makes me feel in the morning! Really great ideas!

  10. Katie Arnold says:

    YUM! Avocado and egg is one of my favorite combos, but I like it for dinner! ;)

  11. Amanda Nicole says:

    These all look so yummy! I don’t know which I would choose!

  12. JeeYoung says:

    I love every single bfast sammy you have here!

  13. Abby Fereday says:

    I love these ideas! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  14. Nellwyn says:

    Avocado toast is one of my favourite quick breakfasts. I’m going to have to experiment with it more and try your version with strawberries and honey.

  15. Alicia Brant says:

    MMM I will definitely try the brie, prosciutto and arugula toast! :)

  16. Jessica Hughes says:

    The avocado toast looks amazing! These are great!

  17. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    YUM!! Can I have one of each? That would make me a happy woman! haha.

  18. Anna Mullikin Freeman says:

    Love this! I always have a hard time finding new things to eat for breakfast that won’t take forever to make. I’m really excited to try these – thanks for sharing! :)

  19. These all look so delicious. I’ve been looking for breakfast recipes that are simple but also healthy, and these are all perfect.

    Emma |

  20. Rachel G says:

    These sound really good–I would have definitely never thought of an avocado/strawberry pairing, but i’m intrigued!

  21. Faithfullymeblog says:

    I love avocados, it goes with everything in my book. Thanks for the breakfast inspiration… pinning for later :)

  22. Sarah Jean says:

    Love these. I am a huge fan of the banana and peanut butter on toast. I will definitely be adding chia seeds next time. And avocado and strawberries? I wouldn’t think to do that but I make smoothies out of that so imagine it’s just as good.

  23. Valerie Vanderheiden-Rath says:

    Yum! These all look so good. But I would have to say that Avocado Salsa Verde and Fried Egg would have to be the one I would be most inclined to try.

  24. Stacey Eckert says:

    Love love loveeee avocado toast for breakfast! I want to try the fried egg version, usually I add scrambled eggs but I think your version would be fantastic!

  25. Rachel Logan Faeber says:

    These look AWESOME!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!

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