What to Eat While Training & A Delicious Green Smoothie

February 8, 2017

  1. Jackie says:

    When I was training for my full marathon last year, after every long run I would crave Chick fil a biscuit chicken sandwiches…my body was missing all the salt! Probably why I actually ended up gaining weight in the end, but after mile 15, that’s all I could think about! ????

    • Mmmm yum! And I am right there with you. After this weekend’s long run we had cinnamon rolls haha. It’s what got me through the 11 miles!
      And go you! I don’t think I’ll ever even attempt a full marathon. My limit is a half!

  2. Great tips!!! I’m always looking for new protein/fitness ideas for eating.

    the How-to Guru

  3. I don’t run but if I eat anything before cardio I feel awful so I guess I’m into the fasting.

  4. Candy Kage says:

    I won’t be running anywhere anytime soon but will still enjoy making and enjoying these dishes for us to eat.

  5. Sarah Jean says:

    I make a green smoothie once a day but every time I try to photograph it, it looks nowhere near as yummy as yours does! haha. Also, love all the healthy food options. I’m not a runner, but these are great choices for anyone to eat.

  6. I have my third half on the 19! I just wrote a post about it! For me I need a decent meal before a workout or race! Weirdly eating a lot then running doesn’t bother me. I think you have to know your body

  7. Laina Turner says:

    I’m getting ready to start training fro a Spartan race and was looking for new healthy things to eat.

  8. Green smoothies are my FAVORITE! I love to add PB2 powder for a peanut butter banana flavor. yum!!

  9. Natalie says:

    All of these recipes look amazing! I’m not a runner, but I definitely will be adding these options to my recipe stash for healthy eating :)

  10. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    Yummm! It’s so green and pretty. :) I love it! Great tips. If I run right when I wake up and it’s only 3 miles, I can run on an empty stomach…otherwise, I need something. My go tos are avocado toast or a banana

  11. Neely says:

    I have a green smoothie every single day. I have for about 7 years and its made a huge difference!

  12. That green smoothie looks SO yummy. I’ve been craving green anything these days, I can’t wait to make!! I love juicing, but smoothies are honestly just easier. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Alexis says:

    Totally saving this! I struggle with knowing what to eat before and after a workout. That green smoothie sounds tasty too!

  14. I have that exact green smoothie every day – minus the frozen fruit and yogurt and i use flax. haha but basically the same!

  15. Jazzmine Woodard says:

    Your pictures are phenomenal!

  16. The green smoothie looks delicious! The meals you have listed would be great for some who is trying to get fit and lean.

  17. Great content, thanks for sharing these wonderful smoothie recipe.

  18. Sharon says:

    That looks refreshing! I want to call my friends and enjoy this with them. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Fitoru says:

    I love green smoothies and i won’t let this great recipe pass by without trying. thanks a bunch

  20. Fitoru mct says:

    These are perfect for those who wanted to be energized while having their intensive training.

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