Fitspiration {5 Ways to Motivate Yourself}

Well… It’s March 3rd and there is ice on the grounds and school and work are cancelled. Oh, and it’s Texas. These things don’t happen in Texas. I should be enjoying the beautiful spring weather, not bundled up in my house drinking hot tea to stay warm. I think this winter is going to be the death of me.
With the cold weather, my motivation to workout usually decreases to just about nothing. When I have the option to stay in my warm bed for an extra hour or to get up and go run in the sub-freezing weather, the bed usually wins. No matter how motivated I may have been the night before, my attitude in the morning is usually much different.

These are the 5 things I remind myself of to get motivated to workout when I wake up and just want to snuggle back in under my ten blankets (okay, maybe it’s more like three, but you get the picture):

1. Better sore than sorry– I hate going to bed at night, regretting the fact that I didn’t work out that day. Instead of getting that extra hour of sleep, I could have worked up a sweat, boosted my metabolism, improved my mood and let loose some stress. Don’t go to sleep sorry. Go to sleep sore!
Better Sore than Sorry

2. Wake up and don’t give up– Even though I have been working out since before I can remember (not really, but sometimes it feels like that!) I still struggle with actually taking that first step out the door. Especially if I try to workout later on in the day, because by that time, I’ve thought of about 1,000,000 reasons for why I can skip my workout. To misquote Nike, just get-out-of-bed-and do it.
Wake Up and Don't Give UP

3. Even a bad workout or run is better than none at all– I tell myself this every time I feel like I am struggling through a run or a workout. I know that even if I don’t beat my best time, or if I am struggling to do one more rep, that at least I actually made that first step out of the door. That puts me ahead of everyone else still snoozing away!
Even a Bad Run is Better Than No Run at All

4. You don’t always get what you wish for; You get what you work for– I feel like this explains itself. It’s something I have found myself saying in my head over and over when I lose motivation! If I don’t work towards my goal, then I can’t complain when I don’t see results. No matter how hard I wish I could run a certain mile time, lift a certain weight or do a certain number of sets, there will be no progress unless I work towards it.
You Get What You Work For

5. Watch what you eat– I know this may not be related to motivating myself to work out, but it does motivate me to think about what I am eating… Especially when no one is looking! I used to sneak bread, chocolate and cookies when I was younger, and am paying the consequences now. I have a problem with self-control (especially when it comes to my sweet tooth), and I need to monitor what I’m eating and how much of it I’m eating. If I have an unhealthy diet, no matter how much I workout there will be no results. And how demotivating is that?!
Watch What You Eat

Do you have any fitspirations that motivate you to keep on going?



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