DIY Bow Holders

Wow wow wow. It’s been a hot minute and a half since I last did a DIY on the blog. I’ve had these pictures on the back burner for about a year now, just waiting for a blog post to be written. I’ve been itching to do some more blogging lately, and decided a fun, simple bow holder tutorial is the way to start back  up!

DIY Bow Holders |

There are actually TWO different bow holders in this blog post – lucky you! One requires more materials and is a little more involved, and the other is suuuper simple. I have both in June’s room and love each of them. :) And if you’re looking for bows to fill up  your new holder, you should check out my Etsy shop, The Threaded Bee! I plan on adding more bows every couple of months, and will be bringing snap clips soon too. Eeek! 

DIY Bow Holders  |

Picture Frame Bow Holder

Empty picture frame (mine is 16×20 and I got it at Goodwill!)
Twine or string (like this one)
Small nails
Small clothespins (like these)


  1. Remove the back and glass from the picture frame (if applicable) and set aside. You will not need them anymore! 
  2. Mark three evenly spaced dots on the backside of each of the short sides of the frame. I started about 1″ below the picture opening, then 3″ below that and 3″ below that. Mark them close to the edge of the opening, but not too close that you will be able to see the nails. 
  3. Nail one of the small nails on each of the dots you drew. Make sure they don’t go through the other side of the picture frame. 
  4. Measure the distance between the nails across the picture frame. Cut three pieces of twine/string about 2″ longer than that distance. 
  5. Wrap one end of the string around a nail and knot it well. Repeat on the other side. You should have enough string to tie it off, but not so that the string droops too much between the nails. Repeat for the other two strings. 
  6. Hang your bows using the small clothespins! You can also use larger ones, or mix them up like I did. 
  7. Add some more bows to your collection from The Threaded Bee :) 

DIY Bow Holders  |

DIY Bow Holders |

Macrame Bow Holder

(4) 1/2 x 12″ dowel rods (like these)
(8) 1/2″ Dowel caps (like these)
Macrame cord (like this stuff)
S hooks (I got these)
Super glue (optional)


  1. Place some superglue in the dowel caps, then put them on the ends of the rods. Hold until secure and repeat with the other caps and rods. 
  2. (Optional) On one of the dowel rods, cut long even strips of macrame cord and attach with a Lark’s Head Knot. Tie knots at the end of each strip so it doesn’t fray. These will hang down and can be used for clip bows! 
  3. (Optional) Follow a tutorial like this one and create a fun macrame masterpiece on your holder! This can be used for clip bows. 
  4. Decide how long you want your holder to be. The section of my holder between the top and bottom rods is about 2 feet long. Cut two strips of string 8″ longer than your desired length (mine were 2′ 8″ long)
  5. Tie the two strings to a dowel rod. Measure the distance between each dowel that you desire. Mine are about 8″ apart. Mark the length you want plus 2″ on the string (so in my case 10″) all the way down the string. You should have three markings on each string. 
  6. Form a slip knot on top of the first marking and slip the dowel rod into the loop. Tighten so the dowel hits right where the marking is. Repeat on the other side. 
  7. Repeat on the next dowel rod. 
  8. For the final rod, simply tie the string around the rod and knot it well. Add some superglue if you want to ensure it won’t come apart. 
  9. Cut a piece of string about 18″ long. Tie each end around the top dowel rod so you can hang it. 
  10. Tighten all the knots one more time, then trim any long ends . Make sure the rods are where you want them to be (it’s easiest to tell when it’s hanging up) and adjust accordingly. 
  11. Place the S hooks on the rods and hang your bows! 
  12. Finally, add some more bows to your collection from The Threaded Bee :)

DIY Bow Holders |

Share your creations on Instagram and tag @beccasuehicks so I can see them! 

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