December Goals- Setting Goals for the Upcoming Month

December Goals- setting goals for the upcoming month | read more at

Please tell me I’m not the only person here who is shocked it’s already December! I can’t believe how fast time has flown, but I have to say I think this was one of my favorite years yet. I have never been so busy, but I honestly have to say I loved just about every minute of it. Today I’m reflecting on the goals I set in November and planning some new ones for December! Let’s hope I can get more done this month than I did last month. : )

November Goals… How’d it go?

For the blog:

  1. Continue working on old posts- Whomp whomp… I’ll try again over my Christmas break! 
  2. Insta Stories- Success!! I’ve posted a lot, and have really enjoyed connecting with other bloggers. 
  3. Pinterest- fail… I focused too much on Instagram! I’ll do better this month.
  4. Responding to comments- Well I meant to respond every few days, but after letting about 3 weeks go by, I realized that wasn’t gonna work. So I’m starting December with a clean slate (aka I caught up on responses) and I’m determined to stick to it this month. 

For me:

  1. Work on my photography- BIG YES. Scroll down to this month’s goals for an announcement :D
  2. Continue to be consistent with workouts- I did better, but not great. I was SO busy this month!! 
  3. Etsy Shop- I opted to focus more on my photography than Etsy, and I’m okay with that. I do plan on adding some new Christmas paintings soon, though! 
  4. Read a book- ha! That’s all I have to say about that one…

Favorite November Pictures

December Goals- setting goals for the upcoming month | read more at December Goals- setting goals for the upcoming month | read more at December Goals- setting goals for the upcoming month | read more at December Goals- setting goals for the upcoming month | read more at

December Goals

For the blog:

  1. Revamp my Pinterest account
    I’ve been brainstorming a lot of ideas for this, and I think I’ve finally come up with what I want to do. I’m going to go through and remove old/outdated stuff, fix my cover photos and build up my Tailwind queue. 
  2. Fix old posts
    Same ‘ole. Take better pictures, improve SEO, and make it more Pinterestable. 
  3. Come up with a new year’s challenge
    Any ideas? Maybe a fitness post every week, or a big push on healthier meals to help you stick to those new year’s resolutions. What do y’all think?

For me:

  1. Continue working on… Becca Sue Photography! 
    As mentioned above, I’ve really taken my newly found photography skills and run with them. I did 12 mini sessions over Thanksgiving break, two this past weekend, and have some actual real “shoots” lined up in the next few weeks. My dream is coming true guys! I’m currently working on getting a blog setup, but for now, head on over to my Facebook page and show some love. <3
  2. Say “no”
    I wrote about this a bit in this post, but I really need to learn to say no to working on my computer and yes to spending time with Isaac and friends. I am so busy with the blog, my photography and other things on the side, that I end up neglecting the things that really matter. So this month I’m going to focus more on my relationships and less on “just doing one more thing”. 
  3. Workout 5 times a week
    We are about to start seriously training for our half marathon in March, and I want to be prepared! So even if my workout means spending 20 minutes doing strength training before or after school, or going on a walk with Lillie, I want to do it. Not only do I need to get in the habit of working out daily, but it’s good for me to just get moving! 

Now it’s your turn to talk! Answer one of these questions in the comments below:
What are your goals for December?
Do you have any suggestions for a New Year’s challenge/series I can do on the blog?


December Goals- setting goals for the upcoming month | read more at

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What do you think

  1. Moe says:

    Great post! My goals for December is to focus more on creating content for my blog, learn how to host my first giveaway and definitely email list building. My challenge before the new years that I am creating for myself is to detox for 30 days. Everyday beginning with home life I get to declutter my life. My space really needs a deep cleaning and a lot of stuff needs to be tossed out. As well as things I have been wasting my time on causing me to lose focus on the things I should be focusing on. I also am sticking to this new diet, getting rid of putting anything unhealthy into my body and putting more fruits and veggies into my system. Biggest challenge for me because I am a junk food fanatic but so far, so good!!! For the sake of keeping my teeth i don’t even get excited when I see my favorite junk foods anymore. I have replaced them with drinking smoothies and its keeps me full and satisfied. Maybe those can give you an idea on what to create for your new years challenge! A great way to hold one another accountable so that we are staying on the right track! :D

  2. Kim Munoz says:

    These are great goals! The end of the year is so busy that its hard to get everything accomplished so don’t be hard on yourself. It will get done when you have time. 2017 is hopefully the year I get my life straight. In the sense of health and self care. I really need to commit to some things. Im such a commitment-phobe( outside of my marriage and family LOL). Plus I would love to get my blog back to where I had planned and actually writing helpful posts with a little life stuff here and there. Just posting on the regular would be nice. I hope you have an amazing week!

  3. Erin Nichols says:

    Great goals! I am with you on so many of these. The old posts goals has been on my to-do list for longer than I want to admit. I also am really trying to push myself to workout 5 days a week, but I’m not going to lie, I’ll be completely content if I can get in 3-4 a week and be consistent.

  4. Divya Budhraja says:

    LILLIE IS SO CUTE. What a great picture <3 I want to get a golden one day! I never thought I'd say those words. I used to be terrified of dogs but my husband's golden retriever, Rosie, stole my heart and now I love allllllll puppies <3
    Great goals! I need to start being better about setting monthly goals for myself and my blog!

  5. Congrats on your photography business! I would love to do that next year. That’s one of my resolutions.

  6. Chantal Steele says:

    Some great goals – and great pictures! I’m inspired by your hustle :)

  7. Mistle says:

    All great goals for this month! I plan on trying to work on updating old posts and pinterest images soon. I wanted to last month but that didn’t go quite as planned. Hopefully we can both work on that goal and get it completed! Good luck with your goals this month!

    • Thanks Mistle! And those are some awesome goals, too. I’ve found that just getting started is all I need to get movin’ and groovin’, especially when it comes to “boring” tasks like fixing old posts haha. Good luck on your goals, too!

  8. Erica Nicole says:

    You have great goals for December! I love to look at other people’s goals to get inspired for my own blog! I definitely know what you mean about spending too much time on Instagram BUT at least you nailed your IG stories- that’s pretty awesome! We have similar goals for December, especially the Pinterest one. Definitely trying to work on that for myself and I wish you luck! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

  9. Mimi {Creative on the Side} says:

    Great article & goals! I’ve been realizing the last few days that need to be better at setting defined goals for myself (and for what I want to achieve with my blog). Your article is inspiring and will help me get started! Thanks!

  10. Neely says:

    Great goals! I hope they go well :)

  11. Katie Arnold says:

    These are great goals! I’m not great at IG stories, but I’ve been better about Snapchat…I can’t do all the things!! lol

  12. My Daily She says:

    Oh, I love your goals! Best of luck with them–I know I need to work out a lot more consistently!

  13. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    Girl! You have been so busy this month. I’m excited to see all your photos. You’ve got some great goals for this month. Can’t wait to watch you rock them.

  14. I love your goals and how honest you are with how things went! I struggle to mark everything off my list each month, but knowing I did my best at what I prioritized is all I can ask. I love following your Instagram and love the little stage you set up for your pictures!

    • I’m right there with you! I like to be somewhat ambitious with some of my goals, but in the end I know that if I’m able to get at least mot of them done, then I’m happy. :) And thank you so much Erin! I had SO much fun with that setup.

  15. Jenny says:

    Good luck with your goals this month! So exciting for you to start your own photography biz :)

  16. i have been trying to work on pinterest too but hasnt happen. i could really use a coffee date + pinterest 101.

  17. I love sharing my goals! It really gives this month something to focus on. :) And you go girl! Good luck on getting Pinterest going.

  18. Balance is everything, isn’t it? I hope you are able to find it this month. Glad this post motivated you! :)

  19. Girl don’t feel bad. I failed at updating old posts this month too haha it’s something I just keep putting off. And getting behind on blog comments is the WORST. I make it a priority to respond to every single comment so getting behind results in spending hours working on getting caught up. So I too need to get better about this.

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