What to Do on a Day Trip to Waco

February 10, 2017

  1. Sarah Jean says:

    One day I hope I can make it there! Until then I will continue buying from the Magnolia Market online haha. And so cool to see what else is there besides Magnolia for those that can make the trip!

    • hahaha you’re awesome, Sarah! Apparently they sell the Magnolia furniture line at Nebraska Furniture Mart, so when we (someday) move into a house, you betta believe I’ll be hitting that up! And I know! There is so much to do in Waco, isn’t there?

  2. Divya Budhraja says:

    These look like such fun places! One of my good friends that I made here in Harrogate back in June used to live in Waco (both of our husbands started medical school out here; that’s how we met!).

    She went to Baylor and LOVEEEEED everything about it. She didn’t think she would. She was born and raised in California – in a suburb near Los Angeles. So she didn’t know if she’d like the whole small town feel. But she always talks so fondly of it :)

  3. Renee L Stambaugh says:

    This looks like a fun day. Road Trips with girlfriends are the best. I recently went on one to Charlottesville, VA. to the wineries…talk about fun.

  4. Hanna J Smith says:

    Wow! This looks like such a great day trip!! If only I didn’t live 34985203489 miles away!
    When we lived in FL our favorite day trip was to go to St. Augustine! They have so much there! Great food, old stuff, new stuff, a lighthouse and the beach!

    Now that we live in NH our “go to” day trip when people visit is Boston. We have two small kids so we usually do the “Freedom Trail” which is a “trail” around the city with all the historic sites. We enjoy that but I would like to go explore Boston more than just that because we have done it like three or four times now…

    • What?! A lighthouse? It’s one of my goals in life to visit a lighthouse up close. I LOVE them! And wow that trail sounds like so much fun. I want to visit Boston someday… Especially in the fall when all the leaves are changing colors.

  5. I’m all about the bakery and other food place you mentioned! I didn’t have a ton of time when I visited to really appreciate it but I will next time I have a chance to visit my friend there ☺

  6. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    Y’all did so much in such a short time!! I still haven’t been to Waco (except for a couple of concerts). Sounds like a great weekend getaway.

  7. Ayanna says:

    Now this looks like my kind of town! I love low key places with lots to do and great food. Waco is definitely on my list of places to visit.

  8. Kim Munoz says:

    How have we not been up there yet? Looks like such a great town. Putting it on my Texas to do list!

  9. Krissie Aguilar says:

    What a great list!! I love that they have a cupcake at Magnolia named Shiplap… too funny!

  10. Mom Noms says:

    I’m from Waco! I love all of the places that you mention. It’s crazy how much Waco has grown over the last few years, when I was in college, it was not this big. Although, I had Spice and Common Grounds.

  11. Leslie Nichole says:

    I am pinning this to see if i can talk the boyfriend into going. I am from NC but why not take a trip to Texas. I had no idea the fixer uppers owned a bakery. That makes me love them even more. It looks like you had a great trip.

  12. Neely says:

    I live in Dallas and I have never come to Magnolia! I really need to get on that!

  13. Leah says:

    Some day I’ll get to Magnolia…

  14. Justine Y says:

    Looks like you ladies had so much fun! We lived in Texas for a couple years and never made it over there, of course, that was before Magnolia was such a huge deal. :) I’d love to go someday!

  15. I love Cameron Park (the hiking trails are awesome). I actually went to Waco today lol. Granted I needed camping supplies and Waco has the closest Cabela’s to Fort Hood haha. We also love the Dr. Pepper museum. Seriously their Dr. Pepper tastes soooooo different and soooooo much better!

  16. i drive through Waco alot but never stop. You just convinced me that im missing out.

  17. I love Chip and Joanna (along with the rest of the world) and would love to see Magnolia in waco. I love a well-rounded itinerary too! I’ll save this for whenever I’m in Texas hopefully soon!

  18. Wait, your friend works for Magnolia?! Too cool AND a Dr. Pepper museum?! Yes, planning my trip now. ;)

    The How-to Guru

  19. Annie Marie says:

    Ah Waco looks so fun and seems to have a lot of character! I definitely need to travel there soon :)

  20. Jazzmine Woodard says:

    I went to Baylor so Waco is like a second home to me. It has changed so much over the years but Spice is still one of my favorite places!

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