Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn

This Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn is the perfect Christmas gift! | read more at

Even though the decorations, music and festivities are a HUGE thing during the holiday season, I believe that food always seems to take the cake (#punintended) this time of year. I love all the amazing foods that are ALL over Pinterest, and let’s not even begin to talk about all those Christmas candies and cookies. So here I am today, jumping on the bandwagon with my new holiday favorite: Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of sweet & salty, and chocolate covered popcorn has been a favorite of mine for years and years. It’s the perfect combination of chocolate-y goodness and salty popcorn. Throw some peppermint in there, and you have a holiday treat that everyone will love! Best of all, this popcorn is super simple to make, and you can customize it with all kinds of flavors. 

This Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn is the perfect Christmas gift! | read more at

Some notes about this popcorn:
– I used real chocolate, not almond bark, because it’s higher quality, and has less artificial stuff. I love the Ghiradelli melting wafers! 
– Dark chocolate pairs best with peppermint (in my opinion), and keeps the popcorn from becoming *too* sweet. Marble with some white chocolate for some extra pizzaz! 
– I opted for stove top popped popcorn because it’s way cheaper and better for you than the microwaved bags! 
– Crush the candy canes in a freezer bag to prevent the bag from tearing too easily : ) #lessonlearned
– Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in a heatproof bowl over simmering water to prevent burning!
– Package it up for a delicious gift for loved ones. Metal tins work best. 
– And most importantly, try not to eat it all in one sitting! 

This Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn is the perfect Christmas gift! | read more at

As I’ve gotten older, buying gifts for friends gets harder. And rather than buy more “stuff” that they probably won’t want (or can easily buy themselves), I love the option of giving food. While the holidays are bombarded with tons of different foods, there’s just something special about homemade treats that make me smile! So this year, if you have that person who’s hard to shop for, try making them this chocolate peppermint popcorn this year. It will be a sure hit. : )

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This Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn is the perfect Christmas gift! | read more at

Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn


  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 cup popcorn kernels
  • 10 oz bag white chocolate melting wafers
  • 10 oz bag dark chocolate melting wafers
  • 8 candy canes


  1. Heat the oil in a large pan. Add three kernels and wait until the first kernel pops. Then add the rest of the popcorn and cook until most of the kernels have popped. Gently shake the pot as they are popping to make sure none of them burn.
  2. Once all the kernels have popped, pour the popcorn onto a large sheet of parchment paper to cool while you melt the chocolate.
  3. Set up a double boiler, or simmer water in a pan with a heat-proof bowl resting on top. Melt the white chocolate wafers, then drizzle over the popcorn.
  4. Next melt the dark chocolate wafers and drizzle over the popcorn.
  5. Crush the candy canes in a baggie with something hard like a glass or rolling pin. Sprinkle the candy canes over the melted chocolate.
  6. Carefully mix the popcorn up to make sure each piece is covered in chocolate.
  7. Let it cool completely, then store in an airtight container.

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Now it’s your turn to talk! Answer one of these questions in the comments below:
What is your favorite food to gift?
Are you ready for Christmas?!

This Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn is the perfect Christmas gift! | read more at 

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  1. Meaghan McCann Dawson says:

    This looks delicious. I too love the combo of dark chocolate and peppermint. I would struggle not eating this all before gifting!

  2. Leslie says:

    This is an amazing flavor combo. Chocolate and mint with salty popcorn sounds perfect!

  3. Amber Dawn says:

    I love chocolate covered popcorn. Love the added candy canes. Yummm

  4. This sounds sososo good! Definitely need to try this out!

  5. Melissa says:

    YUM! That sounds and looks de-lic-ious! Will need to try these over the holiday. I love the salty sweet mix!

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