Super-Punny-and-Possibly-Quite-Cheesy Gift Basket {diy}

I had such a fun Valentine’s Day this year! I have been blessed to spend the past FOUR Valentines with my wonderful boyfriend, and every year has gotten better and better (and more fun!!).
He told me he has done it on purpose, because then he can one-up every year, but I think we are just getting better at planning dates ;)

Our first year, we went to the Studio Movie Grill (dinner and a movie), the second year we went to a movie, the third year was movie and dinner… We were stuck in a rut. So I was excited that he came up with this date where we DIDN’T watch a movie!! (only took us 3 years!)

valentines collage

Instead, my dear boy surprised me by bringing me on a chocolate tour of Dallas! Basically, we got on a bus with a bunch of strangers and were carted  all around Dallas to all kinds of small businesses that offered us various samples of chocolate. I was in heaven. We had chocolate croissants, chocolate bark (with fun toppings!), cookies, toffee, “designer” chocolates (they were like pieces of art!) and more… I kind of went into a chocolate coma after a while, so I can’t remember everywhere we went! I just know it was GOOD.
He knows me so well! Chocolate is my vice… If anyone remotely knows me, they know that I usually don’t go a day without eating some form of chocolate, so this date was PERFECT for me. We had so much fun being able catch up while riding the bus, which was probably my favorite part of the day… Only seeing each other once a week is kind of a bummer. But it makes going out on fun dates so much better!
I don’t mean to boast, but I have the best boyfriend.


After his surprise date, we headed over to the food truck park in the arts district where I bought dinner (I lost a bet with him… I should have known better!). We got some de-li-cious sliders!
Without realizing it, we both ended up ordering the same thing, which was a lot of fun because we ate each type of slider- we had three- at the same time and talked about the qualities of the slider that made it so good.
Sometimes I like to pretend I’m on the Food Network… Don’t judge!
All in all, it was the best Valentine’s date we have gone on.
Here’s to many more!

I also made him some red velvet pancakes with cream cheese frosting… But the pancakes didn’t turn out as red as I had wanted them to, so I’m just calling them chocolate pancakes. I accidentally put double the butter in them (oops) so I just added more flour to the mixture to make it the right consistency. I would have simply doubled the recipe, but at Isaac’s apartment there are NO baking ingredients. I’m lucky they have flour (which they use for frying…)!! That’s what I get for pre-measuring everything before leaving my house! Everything but the butter…
They still turned out delicious! And I will have to retry the recipe again, this time using the correct amount of ingredients!


Per request of Isaac, here is a picture of the Come and Take It flag I also got him for Valentine’s day! I forgot to add it yesterday. I’m glad I got it, because I have never seen him as excited for this simple flag than any other present I’ve ever bought him! I always thought the way to a man’s heart was is through his stomach… apparently the way to my man’s heart is through Texas Revolution flags.

Now for the diy!

Super-Punny-and-Possibly-Quite-Cheesy Gift Basket {diy}

For his Valentine’s Day gift, I made a gift basket using different candies and super punny and cheesy sayings on each of them. It was easy to make, but showed thought and care that I made it by hand.

Reese’s Pieces- “You stole a piece of my heart!”

6 pack of Dr. Pepper- “I soda think you’re amazing”

Pack of gum- “I’m stuck on you”

Hot Tamales- “You’re one HOT TAMALE”

Sour Patch Kids- “I’m glad you’re ALL sweet”

Can of nuts- “Just so you know, I’m NUTS about you!”

Swedish Fish- “You make a great catch”

Skittles- “You color my world”


I made the notes by cutting and gluing white cardstock to some scrapbook paper and writing on it with marker and crayons.
Once I made the notes (which can also be done on the computer), I taped them on to the boxes and bags of candy and put it a plastic basket I got at Hobby Lobby!


And voila!
Your very own super-punny-and-possibly-quite-cheesy gift basket, perfect for your significant other as a Valentine’s present, birthday present, anniversary present or “just because” present. No matter what the occasion may be, you will definitely get a smile and kiss* for the time and effort you put in the present. I know my man loved it!

*kiss not guaranteed!

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