James Richard

In August my sweet boy turned one year old. To celebrate, we decided to throw a Texas birthday party for our little Texas baby. It was SO much fun planning and getting everything together for his party! I tried to keep things simple, but stick to the theme as much as possible. I didn’t want […]

Well friends. Isaac and I did it. We kept a little human alive for 12 whole months and I still can’t believe it. What an amazing, crazy, emotional, joyful and laughter-filled year. I have absolutely loved every minute of being James’s mom. Every stage has seriously been my favorite… From the tiny newborn snuggles to […]

Well. It looks like this whole “writing the update two weeks late” thing has become a trend. But hey.. I’m just glad I actually get them done because I know I will be SO THANKFUL for these posts when James is older and I’m feeling all those nostalgic mama feels.  As I feel like I’ve […]

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Welp. It happened again. James turned another month old and I am very late to the update party. But this time for good reason! We celebrated his ten months earth-side in Oregon with my bestie Brooke and her family. What a fun trip and a special way to remember it! Now I’m finally home, caught […]

Well… I am two weeks late posting this monthly update, making this the latest I’ve ever posted one before. These updates get harder and harder each month as most of my free time is spent chasing a rolling, scooting baby around the house, playing with him constantly, and soaking in so much fun and laughter […]

Well… Here we are again. Another month. Another update. Another morning spent tearing up at pictures, wondering where time has gone. And another post filled with pictures and memories I’ll cherish forever. This month was one for the books. James has changed so much and become crazily active, “talkative” and (believe it or not) even […]

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This month I’ve seriously slacked on blogging. Good grief where has time gone?! Life has been so busy and full of taking care of James that I go to bed exhausted every night. I’m tired, but SO happy. I decided to spend this month focusing on my baby (and trying to stay on top of […]

I am almost a week late with this update – oops! We’ve had a crazy February, and it’s been hard staying on top of things, but hey. Better late than never, right? So I have to tell you… Writing these monthly updates is so bittersweet. I know I’ll LOVE looking back at them in the […]

Today our sweet little nugget turned five months old and my mama heart can barely stand it. Where did the tiny newborn go? I miss his little grunts and squeaks. I miss those snuggly smiles as he fell asleep. And I miss his teeny tiny fingers and toes. But now that James is older, somehow […]

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I'm becca, and I'm so glad you're here.

I'm a sinner saved by grace who loves staying active and eating healthy. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Isaac, and I'm mama to James and an adorable puppy named Lillie.

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