Bye 2018

Usually when the new year rolls around, I’m sad. Partly because I hate the end of the holiday season (and putting up all the decorations!), and partly because I’m not ready to move on. As the years have gone by, I get nostalgic when I look back at the previous twelve months and wonder where the heck time went. Even when the days felt long, in the end, time was actually flying by.

But this year it’s different. I’m so ready for a new year. While we were thrilled to welcome James into the world in 2018 (and I know there were so many other amazing moments we experienced), this year was riddled with heartache. Today marks a year since we said the final goodbye to my grandpa and in five days it will be a year since my dad passed away. I’ve never really lost someone close to me before, and last year in the span of five days I lost two of the greatest men I’ll ever know.

So today as I look forward to what this year holds, I’m excited. We’ve almost completed the “Year of Firsts”. Although I am still mourning the loss of my grandpa and dad, the wounds aren’t as raw as time and the Lord have healed them. We have so much to look forward to with James as he grows and develops. I have fun trips, weddings and photoshoots planned this year. And we still have the hope and peace that is only possible thanks to the Lord.

The other day on on of the many trips visiting family this holiday season, Isaac and I decided to make some goals for 2019. Personal goals, marital goals and goals for my photography business. In the past I’ve hated how we’ve made resolutions, stuck to them for a month (or you know… a week – or was that just me?) then go right back to the way things were. But this year things feel different. I’ve just gone through the hardest year of my life and come out okay. There are scars, but we have still found joy in the midst of sorrow. And I’m ready for change. Ready for a new start. Readier than I’ve ever been before.

While I won’t be sharing all our goals here, one of the biggest things I am wanting to work on is getting my life together. From washing and folding laundry on the same day to meal prepping again to running a 5K and half marathon this year, I’m ready to see what 2019 holds for us.

And to kick things off, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and doing the January Whole30. I’ve “done” it before (but I feel like I cheated so it didn’t really count…) and I’m determined to stick to it this time around. I’m in desperate need of a reset and I look forward to testing my willpower, and seeing what I learn about myself these next 30 days. And when the 30 days are over? We’ll see what I decide to do. Until then I just need to make it there haha.

Interested in following along as I complete the Whole30? I’m doing my best to share all of my meals in my Instagram stories, and created a highlight to keep them all in one place. And look forward to some yummy Whole30 compliant recipes coming your way the next few weeks! Oh of course a recap of how the 30 days went at the end of the month. I can’t wait! :)

So here’s to a fresh start, a new year, fun memories and lots of adventures in 2019! What are your goals this year?

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