The Best Road Trip Snacks

The Best Road Trip SnacksYesterday I shared one of my favorite road trip snacks, my Blueberries and Cream Trail Mix, and today I thought I’d share some more of the snacks we packed for our road trip this weekend! I love packing healthier snacks to help balance out the very unhealthy foods I love to eat while on vacation, and I hate trying to find something to snack on at gas stations.
I like trying to pack a balance of sweet and salty foods, because you never know what you’re going to crave while on the road. It changes throughout the day for me! Before leaving on our trip I spent a couple of hours making the cookies and muffins, and then the night before I packed everything up so it would be easy to just throw into the cooler and go in the morning. Because for some reason, we ALWAYS end up running late when we leave on a trip!IMG_0801

If you’re about to go on a road trip, or are just looking for some easy snacks to have on hand throughout the week, here’s a list of some go-to healthier snacks that I love to bring.

Sweet Snacks

Fruit (like pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, apples, grapes and bananas)
Healthy muffins (I made the banana apple muffins from my Fixate cookbook)
Chocolate Chip Oat Muffins (this is the recipe I used!)
Banana chips
Blueberries and Cream Trail Mix (find the recipe here)
Greek yogurt (look for ones lower in sugar and in the individual cups)

Salty Snacks

Veggies (like baby carrots, snap peas, grape tomatoes, broccoli and zucchini)
Kale chips
Nuts (I usually opt for unsalted)
Flax crackers
Veggie chips (I love the Terra brand!)
Unsalted seeds (like pumpkin and sunflower)

Let me know what your favorites are and I’ll add them to my list! happily the hicks

The Best Road Trip Snacks2

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  1. Ashley says:

    Thanks for the ideas! Something I like bringing as well is cheese and crackers. We also pack freeze dried fruit so the cooler can fit other things.

  2. Jen Marie says:

    Low fat string cheese & Lara bars are other good choices!

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